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  • Apts Above Zim'S Variety Fall River, MA - Fall River
    Every time one gets locked up another moves in. Selling out in the open, hand to hand, and short drive transactions.
  • POTHOLES Archived
    2-162 Slade St Fall River, MA 02724, USA - Fall River
    This short section of Slade Street from Bay Street to the end has multiple potholes.
  • library. Archived
    North Main St Fall River, MA - Fall River
    Library is closed on sat and sun. should be open when kids are not in school.
  • Bradford Ave Fall River, MA - Fall River
    Very loud Spanish ppl playing that thump thump crap all day out of their cars. Also trash all around houses. Only theirs.
  • 2100 South Main St Fall River, ma - Fall River
    Since 10/09 after burned debris was thrown out of a window from the 4th floor in the back yard of Mitchell Heights the soil, grass and yard is very possibly contaminated with pesticide toxins and formaldehide Housing was notified 2 yrs ago. The mayor was notified 2 yrs ago, and again September, 2011. Soil was to be tested in 2009, per Housing. Mayor said he was "going to investigate". Weeks later, nothing has been done, as far as I know.
    A very serious health issue has developed in a resident there. Still, nothing.
    People, please vote to have this soil tested as many, many residents are suffering from illnesses that could also be related to this debris that has soaked into the soil, killed grass, and never, ever taken seriously. Here are some pics of interest ..... the foam debris from 2009 and other things of interest.
  • 210 Prospect St Fall River, MA - Fall River
    Could someone please make Prospect Street a 1-way OR have parking on one side only? The street is very narrow and my car keeps getting hit by passing cars.
  • Norman St Fall River, MA - Fall River
    Residents who haven't worked for yrs. new cars,boats,motorcycles, visitors 24hrs,in & out ,fed ex,ups everyday.Speeding..Fix this..
  • Ponta Delgada Boulevard Fall River, MA - Fall River
    Red haired crazy woman running around in a suit/dress ensamble, looks like something Nancy Regan would wear, and screaming at some little guy in a leather jacket. Oh boy. Looks like there may be a fight.
  • Overpass Archived
    38-210 Herman St Fall River, MA 02720, USA - Fall River
    The narrowing down to 1 lane on the overpass is dangerous. Fix it fast!
  • Yapping dogs Archived
    1197 Robeson St Fall River, MA - Fall River
    A few years ago I took the FRHA to court for refusing to enforce the pet policy. Recently they've allowed another dog here, and it's owner refuses to control it. It barks and runs loose, and while the management is aware of it, they seem to do nothing. Is it time for another trip to MCAD?
  • Hart Street Fall River, MA - Fall River
    Hart St. has deep ruts of ice and is almost incapable of use. all cars are getting stuck on ice and the people who park at Mitchell Heights cannot get out of their assigned spots on to Hart St. because of deep icy ruts.
    Please help. Sand and rock salt, please
  • sidewalks Archived
    Ruggles Park Fall River, MA - Fall River
    all the sidewalks are broken and dangerous to all the people who walk in and around the park...