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  • 1197 Robeson St. Fall River, Massachusetts - Fall River
    In this building, we have reserved parking for residents. Each resident with a reserved parking place is given a specific, numbered, space, and a sticker for our vehicles. These parking spaces are clearly marked. In the past, the Fall River Housing Authority allowed residents to call the tow truck directly whenever a car was in our reserved space. Not long ago, the city council forced residents to call the police in order to have cars ticketed or towed. Maybe the city council figured that this would bring in more money for the city, except for the fact that the police either don't show up when called or refuse to tag or tow offending vehicles! If I parked my car in the mayor's driveway, you can bet that I'd be tagged or towed in a matter of minutes, but the poor, elderly, and handicapped of this city aren't afforded that same level of protection. Please restore our rights to have cars towed from our reserved spaces, or find a way to get the police to wake up and do their jobs!
  • Cor Harvard And Woodlawn Sts. Fall River, MA - Fall River
    constant "band-aid" fixes
  • The parks Archived
    The Playgrounds And Basketball Courts Fall River, MA - Fall River
    The playgrounds are broken down.The courts have potholes and the rims have no nets and there bent.Do it for the kids.
  • Jules St Fall River, MA - Fall River
    At the end of last summer they started to pave Jules street and only finished half the street. Do they plan on finishing Jules st? The section they missed is worse that what was paved.
  • Jules St - Rich St Fall River, MA - Fall River
    Half way up Jules they stopped paving. They need to finish paving jules, down Guy St. and through Rich St. to New Boston Rd. These streets are falling apart.
  • Traffic Issues Acknowledged
    Pitman St. Fall River MA - Fall River
    Pitman St should be a one way. Its hard to merge from Merino to Pitman because you can't see if cars are coming from the right or the left & its dangerous because people always speed on Pitman & also speed on Pitman turning onto Merino. Plus its difficult to pull over to let someone pass because its a 2 way street on a narrow street, doesn't make sense. I would say make Pitman a one way & put a stop sign at the intersection of Merino-Pitman & other side streets that meet with Pitman. Please fix this theres also a school off Pitman & dont want any accidents involving parents/kids I would hate to see that.
  • Winter Street Fall River, MA - Fall River
  • Slade St fall river ma - Fall River
    road is uneven and has potholes. have been this way for at least a year
  • Corner Of Tuttle And Dwelly 4way Stop Sign Fall River, MA - Fall River
    Cars are parked on the right side corner of Dwelley st. when you try to make a right off Tuttle st. on to Dwelley you can't . Cars are parked right up to the corner. It is illegal to park on a corner but the police Do Nothing and I never see tickets....I wonder why!
  • Traffic Issues Acknowledged
    Pitman St Fall River, MA 02723, USA - Fall River
    Pitman St. Needs To Be A One Way!
  • Pothole Archived
    902 County Street Fall River, MA 02723, USA - Fall River
    The pothole is more so one sunken in area where the city dug up a square to do work under the road. It's right near O'Gils. There is a giant hole in the middle and you are forced to go around it into the wrong lane so you don't wreck your car. It's dangerous. The road is also destroyed near the Stop sign outside O'Gils around the curb. It floods and causes car trouble.
  • Jefferson St Fall River, Massachusetts - Fall River
    White with tan markings
    Male with only a greenish / teal flea collar.