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  • Fall River, MA - Fall River
    all over this city (I.e. Eastern Ave, the Avenue,) have no traffic lanes marked out. nothing at all to show if its 2 lanes or 1. the stop lines are completely gone...
  • pot holes!! Archived
    Corner Of Warren And Quarry Fall River, MA - Fall River
    major potholes
  • Hart Street Fall River, MA - Fall River
    Deep potholes near beginning of street; sunken tar further down; entire road very bumpy
  • South Main & Middle Street Fall River, MA - Fall River
    There is a crosswalk in front of St. Anne Church. Drivers don't stop when they should.
  • 100 Frontage Rd. (Davol St.) Fall River, MA - Fall River

    There are several newly painted gang tags on the boardwalk at Heritage State Park. They're spray painted in red mainly at the boathouse. Then there is some graffiti spray painted in black which reads "Kill The Pigs!"

    These need to be removed so that gangs will get the message they are not welcomed in our waterfront or in our city for that matter!

  • Drug Dealing Archived
    788 Broadway St. Fall River, MA - Fall River
    Young girl and boyfreind with White Infiniti dark tinted windows drug dealing on Center and Freedom St.
  • Beacon Street And Division Fall River, MA - Fall River
    The city workers that are responsible for collecting trash look in bags and throw them on the ground and than kick the trash around creating filth through out the city! Contributing to our rodent problem. Any trash that falls on the ground when putting it in the truck stays on the ground and seems to not be their responsibility of bending over and picking it up. Who’s responsibility is it to clean up after the garbage man on trash day? Isn’t there a fine for littering? Why is this a constant problem that doesn’t seem to be fixed? Is this part of living in Fall River to accept the trash that is left behind by city workers?
  • Jefferson St Fall River, MA - Fall River
    The entire Steeet is a
    pot hole...please send a truck immediately.Very dangerous.
  • 296mtpleasantst Fall River, MA - Fall River
  • Fall River, MA - Fall River
    We need our school system fixed
  • Bradford Ave Fall River, MA - Fall River
    World War 1 Howitzer Monument located in Kennedy Park is in deplorable condition. Rusting and sinking into the ground. The last world war 1 veteran died this year. What a disgrace to have left this memorial forgotten and unkempt. Fall River is good at erecting memorials but poor at maintaing them. Each year I visit Fall River and leave saddened when I visit this memorial. Fall River, DO SOMETHING.
  • 304 Cambridge St. Fall River, Massachusetts - Fall River
    scrap metal in drive way. causing rats to run in the neighborhood