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  • 276 290 4th St Fall River, MA - Fall River
    Speakers pointed out the door. Disturbingly loud base sometimes daily. Cars passing in this area are sometimes an hourly nuisance.
  • drug dealing Archived
    Walgreen"S Rodman Street Fall River, MA - Fall River
    drug dealing in walgreen's parking lot
  • NEEDS LIGHTS Archived
    81 Fall River, MA - Fall River
  • 16 Chavenson St Fall River, MA 02723, USA - Fall River
    Few months back a gas leak was reported and they responded to it, dug up the road and drilled vents, leaving the road unfinished with an orange cone to block the hole, never returning to fix the problem.
  • Drug Dealing Archived
    Third St Fall River, MA - Fall River
    From what I can see 520 & 526 Third St are a supermarket for drug traffiking
  • Traffic Issues Acknowledged
    537 Bedford Street Fall River, MA 02720, USA - Fall River
    The yield sign here is constantly ignored. A traffic light with a left turn arrow is needed to force these cars to yield to oncoming traffic.
  • big pothole Archived
    Baird St Fall River, MA - Fall River
    Baird st has massive porholes my parent keep getting flats the otherside of baird st is finished but the side that I live is pothole city is really crazy it mess up my parents car and also other people that told me to report
  • POTHOLES Archived
    2-162 Slade St Fall River, MA 02724, USA - Fall River
    This short section of Slade Street from Bay Street to the end has multiple potholes.
  • Columbia Street Fall River, MA - Fall River
    Despite a city ordinance regulating the placement of political signs until eight weeks before an election Cathy Ann Viveiros has signs plastered all over Columbia street. Is this how she will govern???? The Herald News should investigate this immediately I see no other candidate in violation of this ordinance.
  • Corner Of Pine And Durfee. Fall River, MA - Fall River
    So many kids cross the street over there because it's one of the many bus stops for school buses for middle schools and high schools. Cars fly right through the stop sign. It's not hiding behind anything. It's very visible.
  • 18th Street Fall River, MA - Fall River
    as it is residents in 3-6 apartment housing have no drive ways, the plows came down our street and covered up TWO of our spots that we NEED!! please fix ASAP on the right side of the fall river animal hospital on 18th street!!
  • Empty Lot Archived
    Lowell St. Fall River, MA - Fall River
    Looks like the neighborhood dump, and now it's being used as a junk yard! They should think about cleaning it, and some of these abandoned Buildings, wether it's the banks or previous owners, something needs 2 give! Don't dump on Fall River!