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  • Pothole Open
    Norman Street Fall River, Massachusetts - Fall River
    3 potholes of different sizes and depths. One is near a sewer manhole cover.
  • 93 Clarkson Street Fall River, Massachusetts - Fall River
    Due to the addition of the new development in the old belisle school site a fence has been installed at the end of clarkson st. in past years snow was plowed down into the former school yard, now with the addition of the fence there is a mound of snow the size of a mid size pick up truck at the end of the street. This pile is growing in size at a rapid pace with all the recent storms. With that being said it is beginning to block of my driveway. This snow mound needs to be removed from the end of the street with a front end loader or something of the sort. I need to be able to access my driveway.
  • Pothole Open
    165-191 Blackstone Street Fall River, MA 02721, USA - Fall River