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  • 603 County Street Fall River, Massachusetts - Fall River
    I think there needs to be a "no parking" area on the corner heading from Eastern Ave to County St. right next to rolling rock. It's really hard to take that turn with people parked directly on the corner and sometimes there are cars coming head on when you need to drive into the other lane to just get around the corner. It's a safety hazard and I feel uncomfortable driving over there.
  • Dog feces Archived
    253-311 Bradford Avenue Fall River, MA 02721, USA - Fall River
    I watch people from my window everyday take their dogs for walks and never pick up the feces!
  • Norman St Fall River, MA - Fall River
    Residents who haven't worked for yrs. new cars,boats,motorcycles, visitors 24hrs,in & out ,fed ex,ups everyday.Speeding..Fix this..
  • 2100 South Main St Fall River, ma - Fall River
    Since 10/09 after burned debris was thrown out of a window from the 4th floor in the back yard of Mitchell Heights the soil, grass and yard is very possibly contaminated with pesticide toxins and formaldehide Housing was notified 2 yrs ago. The mayor was notified 2 yrs ago, and again September, 2011. Soil was to be tested in 2009, per Housing. Mayor said he was "going to investigate". Weeks later, nothing has been done, as far as I know.
    A very serious health issue has developed in a resident there. Still, nothing.
    People, please vote to have this soil tested as many, many residents are suffering from illnesses that could also be related to this debris that has soaked into the soil, killed grass, and never, ever taken seriously. Here are some pics of interest ..... the foam debris from 2009 and other things of interest.
  • 274 Harrison Street Fall River, Massachusetts - Fall River
    I live on this street and cannot take my child outside without constantly hearing the people from this apartment (274 Harrison) fighting and screaming at each other. Also I have seen them receive drugs right in front of my face. They don't even try to hide what they are doing. Also A few of the women from this apartment are always seen being picked up at the corner of Harrison and pleasant street by many different cars. Also have seen them do inappropriate things with men inside cars directly parked on the street. THERE IS A SCHOOL (PRESCHOOL) on this street.. Something needs to be done.
  • 210 Prospect St Fall River, MA - Fall River
    Could someone please make Prospect Street a 1-way OR have parking on one side only? The street is very narrow and my car keeps getting hit by passing cars.
  • 35 Stinziano St Fall River, MA - Fall River
    It is always the same, I was bringing mychildren there to play last week and guess what? There was "junk" all over the playground,used hypodermic needles and all that goes along with that,used condoms dirty underclothes it was disgusting. THIS HAS TO STOP !! We; all of us must step up and do something. Please help if not for yourself, but for the children whose parents don't care where or what they playin...
  • 1197 Robeson St. Fall River, MA - Fall River
    For the second day in a row, we've been without water. No water for drinking, no water for toilets, no water for washing... When you call the office, if you can ever get through to a person, they give you a run around, and claim that they will "check with maintenance". Unfortunately, they never tell us when we'll get our water restored. If someone kept their pets without water for two days, the city would take them to court, but I guess nobody cares about the elderly and handicapped.
  • Bedford St Fall River, Massachusetts - Fall River
  • Overpass Archived
    38-210 Herman St Fall River, MA 02720, USA - Fall River
    The narrowing down to 1 lane on the overpass is dangerous. Fix it fast!
  • 765 High Street Fall River, MA 02720, USA - Fall River
    Cars park right up to the edge of my driveway. Is there an ordinance how close cars can park to a driveway? They make it very difficult for me to turn into my driveway. They are trying to park away from the fire hydrant on this side of the street but they park so close to my driveway that I risk hitting their cars every time that I turn into my driveway
  • snow ban Archived
    165 Osborn St Fall River, MA - Fall River
    request chain be taken off entrance to closed Osborn St. school so that residents may use lot for snow ban days. The lot was open last winter but now has a chain locking the gate to the parking lot of the school . The school is no longer is use, has been closed for 2 years.