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  • Bell Apartments On Bridge Street Salem, Massachusetts - City of Salem
    This spot has still not been cleared. It's a crosswalk that's normally very used and hasn't been all week. Our kids can't get to their school bus stop. Terribly dangerous and being completely ignored.
  • 115 Mason Street Salem, Massachusetts - City of Salem
    Sheet of Ice, unable to stop at stop sign. Corner of Mason Street diagonally from the Moose Lodge. Slide right through. Very dangerous.
  • 23 E Collins St Salem MA 01970, USA - City of Salem
    large amount of rubbish and bowls of food left out in yard. large uptick in rodents and nuisance wildlife in neighborhood.
  • 234 Bridge Street Salem, MA 01970, USA - City of Salem
    At the crosswalk exiting/entering the train station from Washington St., the melting snow between the snowbanks has created a small lake. It is 8" deep and 6'x6' so too wide (for most of us) to jump. It is deep enough that you need higher than ankle boots to walk through. One person climbed the snowbank to avoid it tonight (after our almost 2 hour commute) and thankfully didn't lose his footing at the top and fall into the oncoming cars. Could the snowbank be modified or cleared so the water has somewhere to runoff to please ? This is also the same area where people have commented several times about the lack of plowing to the curb, making cars jockey for space from 2 lanes down to 'an unexpected' 1. Not a good combo to have people jumping Lake Washington or climbing Mount Washington and falling or jumping into a car...
  • 68 Essex St Salem, MA 01970, USA - City of Salem
    This busy street has just one official crosswalk on this stretch of road, and the lines are very faint! It hasn't been painted in years. People cross here all the time to get to the common (including many children and dogs) and drivers whiz by very quickly. Please please please repaint the lines, and maybe add more for visibility (like the green paint that's in other crosswalks). Signage would also help.
  • Ord St. Ct. Salem, Massachusetts - City of Salem
    3/5/15 @ 4:00pm Tested street water line and it's still frozen ( Now 16 days )
  • 32-38 Clifton Avenue Salem, Massachusetts - City of Salem
    The trash at Forest River Park is a constant mess. Always overflowing, bags lying out to be ripped by wildlife, etc. There has to be more cans, more regular emptying of cans, and squirrel proof lids. It ruins the park and is surely a health hazard.
  • Jefferson Ave Canal St, Boston St, Salem, Massachusetts - City of Salem
    Salem obviously doesn't care about us residents that have to drive on these awful roads everyday. The moment the nice weather rolled around they should have been fixing them. I avoid Canal st as often as I can for obvious reasons. I have to drive down Jefferson ave everyday and I am fed up with have to swerve to avoid pot holes and come to a complete stop to safely roll over the train tracks, not to mention the new pipe sticking up in the middle of the road. Boston St is all dips and pot holes as well. When will the city take some pride in there streets and fix them???
  • 75-79 Washington Square E Salem, Massachusetts - City of Salem
    Entrance to Common is a solid wall of snow and extremely difficult to climb. The path around the common has been cleared, as has the entrance at corner near Hawthorne Hotel. This is a high foot traffic area and would use a quick pass with the bobcat to make it safe for pedestrians.
  • 35 Flint Street Salem Massachusetts - City of Salem
    does not exist and need to be added on Lafayette street in several places. The street is too wide to only have crosswalks and no traffic signals. Children are going to school there and need to be able to cross the street at any time not just when the paid guard is helping them.
  • 252 Bridge Street City of Salem, MA - City of Salem
    The lights to get out of the new parking garage need to have their timer adjusted. It takes 20 minutes to get from the entrance of the garage to Bridge Street which means it could take up to an hour to get out of the garage at all!!! this is a new garage - how is this not working right from the get go??!!
  • 32-38 Clifton Avenue Salem, Massachusetts - City of Salem
    Salem should consider a "take out what you take in" policy like most other local cities. As a local resident, I enjoy the park year round and I am tired of walking through a trash dump most weekends. People over stuff trash cans, animals pick though the garbage, and people often just leave their trash at the picnic tables. Char coal is dumped in piles all over the park, despite the danger to children and's is ugly. Most cities prohibit and enforce "no charcoal grills" for these reasons. City needs to rehab their park policies and enforce them, especially in the busy summer months. If you trash the park, you should be fined and told to take your trash home with you.....let's go salem, have a little pride. P.S. I appreciate the employees that are there every morning to try to clean up others ignorant messes....but city should be curbing the issue before hand not reinforcing bad behavior.