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Anything you deem a mess or needs to be fixed

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  • 28 A Federal Street Salem Massachusetts - City of Salem
    The matter is a dirty city tree vs. my husband health.

    There is a city tree dropping fecal waste from aphids all over our patio. This fine matter is in the air so my husband who has absolutely no immune system can not enjoy his own property. He's undergoing palliative care and this is the only place he can relax outside. He was just released from the hospital last week because of a very bad lung infection. Because of his lack of immunity he is highly prone to infection from airborne bacteria and mold. I was told that the city considers the type of tree that over shadows out patio a “dirty tree” because it attracts aphids that drop fecal waste. My husband cannot use our outdoor space and is limited as to where he can walk downtown because of all the construction debris.

    All the other “dirty trees” on our block have died and been replaced with other trees. This one is the only one left. At my request the city has cut it back a couple times in the last 6 years, but it is hardly enough to keep fecal matter from the air! I have pictures of the black sticky soot it drops on our patio, plants and furniture.

    I have spoken to the Tree Department and they said the city is not likely to take down a "healthy" tree. I would argue that the tree is extremely unhealthy and actual life threatening to my husband. PLEASE TAKE IT DOWN!

    I appreciate any help or advise you can give.
  • 12 Williams Street Salem, Massachusetts - City of Salem
    Why wouldn't a tourist park on my street? Tickets are only $15 a day - a lot cheaper than the parking garage. A car from Maryland now has two $15 tickets and after two days is going nowhere. Why isn't the City issuing more expensive tickets during October? There is no incentive for these tourists to park in a City garage. Please rectify this situation. Otherwise the posting of the orange resident only parking is a complete waste of time.
  • Summer St Salem, Massachusetts - City of Salem
    Hello, I have only lived here a few years but each October they have always put up those orange resident only parking signs. Well, first time but called the police today about some tourists parking right in front of the signs and asked they be ticketed/towed. I took the time and went to get the Halloween parking pass as a resident. Turns out, there was NO POINT! When I called the police they said I would have to talk to the City Council because they were told they cannot ticket cars on certain streets! What a kick in my already-overtaxed butt!! Apparently they do not want to send bad vibes to tourists. And yet, when I, a RESIDENT, went over on a parking meter, I got a ticket! What is even the point of having these signs put up?? Just to give the DPW people something to do? I have read about how the current administration does not care about its residents but now I am really seeing it. Thanks for the push, Salem, I had an accepted offer on buying a house with my girlfriend but nope! Not going to buy in a place (we had a business plan submitted as well) and pay my property/business taxes to a city that clearly does not care about its residents. I used to really like Salem, told everyone they should come here, good place to live, etc. Past few years things have really gone downhill. Now a complete and total disregard for residents, cow-towing to tourists has ruined it.
  • 177 North Street Salem, Massachusetts - City of Salem

    This sign contains a spelling error, odd content, and weird, inconsistent fonts. This makes us look bad to visitors who come from all over to visit our community.
    -Spelling error: "Historice"
    -Historic sites is listed twice and this is confusing
    -The size (both height and width) of the fonts is all over the place
    -Italics doesn't look good on any street signs

    I am seeing a lot of bad looking new street signs throughout the city lately. The older signs have simple consistent fonts and are not italicized. The city should consider returning to the former standard.

  • Boston Street Salem, Massachusetts - City of Salem
    I moved to Salem in June 2004. Even then, Boston Street was in poor condition. FOURTEEN years later, it’s so irritating to maneuver through the uneven surfaces and patchwork repairs. No doubt it’s causing a negative cumulative effect on vehicles when repeatedly using this busy road into and out of Salem. When will the entire section of roadway from Salem to Peabody be repaved?
  • Intersection Of Boston Bridge and Proctor st., City of Salem, MA - City of Salem
    This intersection has needed a crosswalk signal for some time now. I know this was brought up to the mayor but it has been 4 years and this intersection still remains a pedestrian hazard. I have witness 5 accounts of people almost being struck by a car because there is no safe time to cross. One was a mom with a little baby in a stroller. So scary. Can't we please put in a crosswalk signal so people can cross safely. I hate to wait until someone gets hurt or worse killed before we do something about this dangerous intersection.
  • Grove St Harmony Grove Rd, & Masion St., Salem, Massachusetts - City of Salem
    The new intersection at Grove St. ,Harmony Grove Rd. & Mason St. has turned into a total mess, the placement of the stop sign and reconfiguration of the intersection is just terrible if you are coming down Grove St. when you reach Harmony Grove Rd. you are stuck there because the NEW placement of stop signs on Mason & Harmony Grove. When you try to enter the intersection from Grove St. you at a major disadvantage especially if you’re the type who tries to obey the law! The stop sign on Mason is so far away from Grove St. that it does not allow you to cross without facing a barrage of cars that pour through coming from the right, and the Harmony Grove stop sign is now on the LEFT of Grove St. not on the Right like it used to be and that leads to a stream of cars that don’t have to stop and block Grove St. This is a case of change is defiantly not better.
    What was a working four way stop where people used to alternate through the intersection has turned into a free for all!
    Shame on the traffic engineer who redesigned this intersection, and more shame on Salem for not seeing the mess they have made!!!!!
  • 41 Valley St - City of Salem
  • 42 Charter Street Salem, MA 01970, USA - City of Salem
    I have lived in this area for almost 10 years and I have witness many near accidents involving cars and/or pedestrians. It's an intersection (Charter St - Central St) with only one stop sign in a place that is not particularly useful. People do not know what to do when approaching the intersection. Please place stop/yield signs to guide traffic. Thanks
  • St Peter Street At Bridge Street Salem, Massachusetts - City of Salem

    I routinely cross Bridge St at this intersection with my young child at about 820 every morning. Two days ago we were nearly hit by a car in the crosswalk in that the bumper made contact with my purse inside the crosswalk --- while we had the crosslight. Then today cars blocked the crosswalk during a red light, making it difficult for me to safely cross the street in the time allotted by the crosslight.

    This intersection needs some immediate TLC either in the form of a barrel in the middle of the crosswalk reminding drivers there is a crosswalk or in the form of police monitoring the traffic for a few days. Drivers need reminding that the road needs to be shared with pedestrians and they need to not block or enter the crosswalks when they have a red light and pedestrians have the crosslight.

    Thank you.

    *Editing to clarify the issue is in crossing Bridge St from the St. Peter street side to the apartment complex side.

  • New junk yard Archived
    S. Mason St Salem, Massachusetts - City of Salem
    This area has evolved into a junk yard with vehicles, debris and construction equipment. Broken fencing. And an eyesore. I've physically been to building inspector twice after no phone call. No response. Doesn't the mayor care about this side of the river. The river walk is strewn with trash and overgrown weeds.
  • Bridge Street Salem, Massachusetts - City of Salem
    This issue has been reported several times, and all tickets have been closed, but no action has been taken. The snow banks at the set of lights at Bridge Street and Washington St by the Commuter Rail stairs NEEDS TO BE CLEARED. There is one lane right now heading towards North Street and the commuter rail where there should be 2, and this is debilitating to morning traffic. Additionally, there is only 1 lane where there should be 2 at the set of lights to the Summer Street ramp, which is creating huge traffic jams for Bridge St and the commuter rail lot.