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Anything you deem a mess or needs to be fixed

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  • 204 Derby Street Salem, MA 01970, USA - City of Salem
    The nips outside the Bunghole are fewer than the last time I there are only 19. C'mon, a good neighbor, please...
  • Boston St & Bridge St Salem, MA, 01970, USA - City of Salem
    There should be a pedestrian crossing light at the corner of Boston and Bridge Streets. I saw a younger woman today struggling to cross Boston Street with young children today. Crossing is problematic especially for elderly pedestrians walking to the Life Center on Bridge.
  • 65 New Derby St Salem, MA 01970, USA - City of Salem
    Hi. People constantly block the Washington-New Derby and Norman-Margin intersections despite the white Xs. I believe we used to have the entire areas filled with crosshatch lines. Any chance we can add some paint and maybe help prevent complete gridlock come October? Thanks!
  • 35 Flint Street Salem Massachusetts - City of Salem
    does not exist and need to be added on Lafayette street in several places. The street is too wide to only have crosswalks and no traffic signals. Children are going to school there and need to be able to cross the street at any time not just when the paid guard is helping them.
  • 16-20 Norman Street Salem, MA 01970, USA - City of Salem
    Issue requires an update. There are 13 votes and 20 comments. Reflects that we residents think it's important enough to invest our unpaid personal time. Please respect that by responding.
  • Derby St/Lafayette St City of Salem, MA - City of Salem
    Traffic around Lafayette St/Derby St has reached ridiculous levels. The addition of new lights has slowed down traffic to a crawl. In addition, the lights don't work together contribute to a smooth flow of traffic. To avoid these lights people are clogging side streets and making a daily traffic jam between Derby, Harbor and Dow streets. Construction on Washington St is making it even worse. Something must be done. It will only get worse in October.
  • Proctor St Salem, MA 01970, USA - City of Salem
    I am seeing rats in my yard running through to my neighbor's. There is an empty lot next to the garage on this street where people dump trash. Seeing rats there too, could be all the construction in the surrounding area as well. Either way I would like to get rid if them. They come out in the day. I won't sit in my patio.
  • Lappin Park Salem Massachusetts - City of Salem
    Pudgy old man sits at Lappin Park smoking cigars and taking pictures of women. When he puts out his cigar in the butt bin, the hot ashes float through the air and land on the grass. Glasses, shaved head, white goatee. Creepy.
  • 58-64 Boston Street Salem, Massachusetts - City of Salem

    When are you going to fix this horrible street????

    There are so many potholes, especially at corner of proctor and Boston where Walgreens is and where Boston and Hanson Street intersect.

    I have to get new shocks on my 2012 vehicle. It's getting ridiculous.

  • 79-99 Collins St Salem, MA 01970, USA - City of Salem
    I'm sure I speak for all of us when I say thank you for the rapid repaving job on Webb/Collins/etc, but when is the crew coming back to finish the job?
  • Ord St. Ct. Salem, Massachusetts - City of Salem
    3/5/15 @ 4:00pm Tested street water line and it's still frozen ( Now 16 days )
  • Washington Street Salem, Massachusetts - City of Salem
    Could someone teach the Board of Health how to use this software? There are alot of category Illegal Dumping requests that are automatically assigned to the Board of Health. The request is never Acknowledged or Closed.
    Perhaps the site is feeding an old email address or the person(s) need some training. If you don't want to offer the category to the public, remove it. This will make people less frustrated and feel they are being heard, even if they don't like the answer. Thank you.