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Anything you deem a mess or needs to be fixed

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  • Lanes too narrow Acknowledged
    Canal Street Salem, Massachusetts - City of Salem
    At the intersection of Canal Street, Loring Ave, and Jefferson Ave, the lanes are way too narrow when you are coming from Canal Street and bearing right onto Jefferson at Eastern Bank. When you have a vehicle beside you going straight. Feels like you are playing a game of chicken to see who will throw their brakes on first before being sideswiped. This was always narrow, but when the intersection was redone, it became impossible to fit 2 cars through there safely.
  • 23 Cedarcrest Avenue Salem, Massachusetts - City of Salem
    Maitland Mountain Farm is a pickle business, not a farm. They cannot be classified as a farm because they don’t have the required acreage and they don’t grow the cucumbers themselves. They buy cucumbers from their suppliers and make them into pickles. Their pickles don’t meet FDA and USDA requirements because their handling and packaging is unapproved. They want to build a packaging plant to meet these requirements on the property right next to their neighbors. The land was cleared, but the city denied their request. To get around city approval, the Maitlands are trying to change Salem’s zoning ordinance to be recognized as a “farm” of their small size. This would give them the protection of the Right to Farm By-Law that would override all city controls and neighbor complaints to allow them do what they please without interference. Neighbors have been already subjected to excessive truck traffic, noise, tree clearing of buffer zones, rotting vegetation smells, rat infestations, coyotes, dump eyesores, and it will get worse when they expand their pickle making operations. Would you want to live next to this? Our quality of life and property values will be greatly affected if this change is allowed. Neighbors need to be united in their efforts to stop this because everyone’s future will be adversely affected as the “farm” grows and expands operations. It’s not fair that one family is able to ride roughshod over their neighbors, and obtain more protections than their neighbors have.
  • 189 Washington Street Salem, Massachusetts - City of Salem

    The combination of allowing Tavern in the Square to barricade the sidewalk and the placement of the wooden sculpture near the corner of Washington and New Derby Streets is a violation of ADA Law. These two items together prevent all passage up and down Washington Street. The sidewalk in front of Tavern is completely chained off and the Wooden Sculpture is blocking the other sidewalk and leaving only a very narrow path way on either side. In addition, the sculpture has parts that are canter levered out into the path. Furthermore, the small waist high chain that Tavern uses to block the sidewalk is not adequate and creates a dangerous situation.

    Since the City placed the sculpture and allowed Tavern in the Square to block the sidewalk, I would like to know how you plan to rectify both the accessibility issue on the sidewalk as well as improper barricading of the sidewalk by Tavern. In closing, as part of your response please let me know how you will rectify the problem and when it will be completed.

  • 26 Broad St Salem, MA 01970, USA - City of Salem
    There have three incidents where moving cars have hit parked vehicles at the intersection of Broad St and Pickering St in the last six months. I think the city needs to look into traffic calming measures in the area.
  • 100 Federal Street Salem, Massachusetts - City of Salem
    In concurrence with another Federal St. resident, who posted about the ever growing, daily continual flow of traffic down this street:
    We decided to time speeding cars & traffic flow for 10 minutes, today, Sunday, 10/2/16 at 1:33pm. In that 10 min. time, there were 25 cars racing down the street. Since then, the flow has continued, uninterrupted.
    There have even been flat bed trucks, & not ones used for broken-down car towing.
    Can the city please take a serious look at what is happening to our side streets?!
    Perhaps one of those speed alert signs might help. However, it is apparent that more long- term planning needs to be taken seriously & not ignored.
  • Margin St Salem, Massachusetts - City of Salem
    What in the world is going on at the post office and flag pols? Homeless passed out, fighting, urinating and regular police and rescue responses. Also laying all over the lawn at the post office. This is outrageous and something needs to be done. It's one thing to accept that we have a homeless problem but to look the other way with regards to those who are not allowed in the shelter is not the answer.
  • Norman And Margin Salem, Massachusetts - City of Salem
    Does the city have a plan to take control of the flag pole area across from the post office. It is constantly crowded with degenerates making it unsafe for the public to use. It's the middle of downtown and is a complete disgrace.
  • Intersection Of Bridge & Washington Streets Salem, Massachusetts - City of Salem
    Increasingly people in the right lane of Bridge Street (at the Washington Street intersection) are forcing their way into the left lane after the light when they realize in the right lane you can only take the "onramp" to 114/North Street. Most are probably from out of town and don't know the roadways here, but this is getting to be very dangerous. I have witnessed many close calls in this area and wonder if the city could paint lane lines or put "right lane for right turns" only signs up to help make this intersection safer? It is becoming a free for all in this area and seems to be getting worse. Thank you!
  • Washington At New Derby Salem, Massachusetts - City of Salem
    The bus shelter in front of the former Tavern in the Square has become the new hangout for some of the homeless. They are drinking and urinating in clear view. Last week they were throwing food in the road attracting dozens of seagulls in and around the area. One seagull ended up dead in the road. I understand the challenge but this is disgusting. Maybe the T should remove the bus shelter because non of the people using it are T customers.
  • 1-5 Herbert St Salem, Massachusetts - City of Salem
    Harbor Walkway
    The condition of the Harbor Walkway between Lafayette and Congress is in total disrepair. 2 trash compactors that broke were removed and never replaced. Benches removed and not replaced. Roof on patio space broken and never fixed. Parts of lamp posts broken. Nails are coming up on the boards and metal rungs in the railing are bent. It is a continual hangout for drunks with a lot of swearing and openly drinking. It is disgraceful. It's no wonder people avoid this walk. Is it going to be fixed and maintained or let go?
  • Essex St Salem, Massachusetts - City of Salem
    Is there any reason why the city does not take a stronger stance again property owners who fail to clear snow from their sidewalks? This is a problem every year. Frankly, there is no excuse for it this year. It just seems that many property owners do not feel there will be any consequences for not clearing the snow so why do it? Can the city and a warning to residents through the emergency alert system notifying them they will be ticketed if they don't clear snow from public sidewalks....and then follow through with fines? It is very dangerous to walk on icy snow-covered sidewalks!
  • Essex Street Salem, MA - City of Salem
    Last night, Wednesday, June 13, the new hotel in the pedestrian mall had music playing and people partying on their rooftop. The music didn't stop until 11:30 and the guests didn't leave until 11:50. Then the cleanup lasted another hour. There are many residents that live in the immediate area that are already forced to tolerate the weekend bar closings and subsequent mob of drunks at 1:00 am, and we are now expected to tolerate being kept awake EVERY night until 1:00 am? How is this fair to residents? Who should we bring this issue to?