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Anything you deem a mess or needs to be fixed

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  • Washington Square West Salem, Massachusetts - City of Salem
    I cross in the crosswalk in from the Salem Common near the Hawthorne Hotel. I was just nearly hit this morning by a landscaping truck coming around the bend from the direction of the Bertram House. Drive was going way way to fast and if I had not jumped back he would most definitely have hit me. This guy was just after the yound girl who also blew through the crosswalk and was on her cell phone. I walk that way every morning and that crosswalk is terrifying. People pay zero attention to the fact that it's a crosswalk-no concept of slowing down or yielding to a pedestrian. Somebody is going to get killed. Working hard to make sure it's not me.
  • 69 Tremont St Salem Massachusetts - City of Salem
    Why is it warranted for a continuous green on a pedestrian light vs. blinking amber or even blinking green to caution traffic instead. It causing near miss for pedestrians in crosswalks on School (at night mostly) cars going 30-40mph around this turn. They dont see people in School St crosswalk or cars in/out of corner parking lot on School St until right up on them. Drivers go 30 - 40 mph and blow thru Stop Sign at Grove St intersection (no warning sign) due to green light - I am seeing many pedestrian lights always on green but this area needs to caution drivers instead. Green always on seems unnecessary for traffic to flow?
  • Monroe Street Salem, Massachusetts - City of Salem
    Due to the location of Salem Public Library, many pedestrians cross Monroe Street, near the intersection with Essex Street. I have noticed that drivers frequently do not look for pedestrians as they quickly take a left or right turn onto Monroe Street. I don't know if a street sign, newly painted crosswalk lines or police presence would help fix this problem. I did want to bring attention to this problem this morning. Some drivers turn on to Monroe Street from Essex Street with excessive speed and no regard for pedestrians.
  • Bridge Street Salem, Massachusetts - City of Salem
    This somewhere our kids are supposed to cross the street to get the Bus. Please fix asap.
  • 1 Swampscott Rd Salem Ma - City of Salem
    Are we seriously putting the speed limit to 25 on Swampscott Rd? I think 40 is appropriate speed, but if you were going to lower it maybe 35 may have been more appropriate. Or are we trying to have a false sense of security now? Because that's all it is. What are you trying to accomplish by having it 25? Drunk drivers ate still going to knock poles over and go over the speed limit amongst other scenarios. And it is not a thickly settled. Government is not for telling us we need protection its for making sure things get done and things like this are not going to keep people safe. Personal responsibility!
  • 2 Mason Street Salem, Massachusetts - City of Salem
    Traffic light at North and Mason does not allow safe crossing for pedestrians. Walk signal does not work, light blinks red and yellow. Parents with Baby carriages going to daycare on Foster have to run to cross between oncoming traffic.
  • 318 Essex ropes garden, City of Salem, MA - City of Salem

    I was just out with my dogs, walking along the church side of the garden wall. There are 5 vagrants using all the benches. There is one man drinking beer and another smoking something out of a small pipe while a family tries to enjoy the garden with a small child.

    Something must be done about this situation. This is terrible for tourists to see, and neighbors have this 24/7.

  • 5 Collins St Salem, MA 01970, USA - City of Salem
    I'm getting very tired of the hookers working at the end of Planters Street!! There are small children within 50 feet of this activity and it can be seen from all of the windows in my house that face in that direction
  • 85 Federal Street Salem, Massachusetts - City of Salem
    Federal St. has increasing become a convenient 'cut-through' street for traffic turning off of North St. It occurs all hours of the day & night. The majority of the drivers are speeding.
    Because it is a one way street, people fly down the street, then have to quickly 'put on the brake's' at Beckford St, because they aren't expecting the Stop sign there. It is extremely dangerous. Just this morning, several pick-up trucks & cars have run the Stop sign. Beyond exceeding the speed limit for a residential neighborhood, many also are playing decibel-breaking music.
    We would hope the Salem police can check out the speeding problem on the street & do something to eradicate it. It's come to a point where speed bumps may be needed to help correct this issue -- before someone gets seriously hurt or worse.
  • 95 Washington Salem, Massachusetts - City of Salem
    Am I the only one who has noticed a hugh increase regarding the homeless population in Salem? What is the city's plan? Everyday they are sleeping in the bus shelter outside Tavern in the Square for all to see. Also, the common and the Speedway on Derby. Panhandlers all over the downtown and on Traders Way. We are not making any progress on this issue. Salem has become a magnet for homeless. As a life long resident of Salem I have seen enough. It gets worse everyday. What is the plan?????
  • Boston Street At Essex Street City of Salem, MA - City of Salem
    The light at Essex Street and Boston street censor lights do not work correctly. The lights switch within seconds if a car lags behind the double lights in front of the fire station. Therefore sometimes you have to sit thru two to three sets of lights to take a left on Boston Street. This is a huge issue because traffic backs up on Highland Ave and Jackson Street during busy times. So I'm asking if someone can check the light censors or move them so the lights will turn appropriately.
  • Collins Cove Playground Salem MA 01970, USA - City of Salem
    one of the baby swings is broken