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  • 1 Church Street Salem, MA 01970, USA - City of Salem
  • Washington At New Derby Salem, Massachusetts - City of Salem
    The bus shelter in front of the former Tavern in the Square has become the new hangout for some of the homeless. They are drinking and urinating in clear view. Last week they were throwing food in the road attracting dozens of seagulls in and around the area. One seagull ended up dead in the road. I understand the challenge but this is disgusting. Maybe the T should remove the bus shelter because non of the people using it are T customers.
  • 1-5 Herbert St Salem, Massachusetts - City of Salem
    Harbor Walkway
    The condition of the Harbor Walkway between Lafayette and Congress is in total disrepair. 2 trash compactors that broke were removed and never replaced. Benches removed and not replaced. Roof on patio space broken and never fixed. Parts of lamp posts broken. Nails are coming up on the boards and metal rungs in the railing are bent. It is a continual hangout for drunks with a lot of swearing and openly drinking. It is disgraceful. It's no wonder people avoid this walk. Is it going to be fixed and maintained or let go?
  • Witch City Mall City of Salem, MA - City of Salem
    For years the bathrooms at the mall have been truly unsafe. As more wonderful businesses find their way into the mall, the bathrooms have only become more of a health issue. Absolutely terrifying. Feces and urine on floors and walls, burned toilet seats, no soap, and the smell, it’s a cesspool if bacteria. How have we allowed this?
  • 35 Essex St. City of Salem, MA - City of Salem

    There is a streetlight directly outside my window that is so bright it is impossible to sleep.
    All winter long I kept foam taped to my window to block out the light. But last night it was too hot and I had to open the window.
    The light from the 10 naked, super-bright LED bulbs shining directly in my window prevented me from falling asleep until almost 3am.

    There is a lot of scientific evidence coming to light (no pun intended) showing how the light emitted from LEDs actually disrupts our ability to sleep. I believe it!
    It's not just annoying, it's dangerous. I frequently have to get up before 4am to do long distance driving for work.
    Please remove the light, I don't want to get into an accident because a city lamp caused me to drive while drowsy.
    Thank you.

  • Essex St Salem, Massachusetts - City of Salem
    Is there any reason why the city does not take a stronger stance again property owners who fail to clear snow from their sidewalks? This is a problem every year. Frankly, there is no excuse for it this year. It just seems that many property owners do not feel there will be any consequences for not clearing the snow so why do it? Can the city and a warning to residents through the emergency alert system notifying them they will be ticketed if they don't clear snow from public sidewalks....and then follow through with fines? It is very dangerous to walk on icy snow-covered sidewalks!
  • Washington Square West Salem, Massachusetts - City of Salem
    I cross in the crosswalk in from the Salem Common near the Hawthorne Hotel. I was just nearly hit this morning by a landscaping truck coming around the bend from the direction of the Bertram House. Drive was going way way to fast and if I had not jumped back he would most definitely have hit me. This guy was just after the yound girl who also blew through the crosswalk and was on her cell phone. I walk that way every morning and that crosswalk is terrifying. People pay zero attention to the fact that it's a crosswalk-no concept of slowing down or yielding to a pedestrian. Somebody is going to get killed. Working hard to make sure it's not me.
  • 56 Forrester Street Salem, Massachusetts - City of Salem
    First floor tenants sell and grow marijuana at 56 Forrester St. Several neighbors have noticed this happening throughout the day as well as overwhelming aroma of marijuana. Blacked out windows bags of soil being delivered and brought into basement and AC system for basement im sure not permitted installed. Lots of questionable characters lurking around the property . We have children and now don’t let them ride there bikes in the church parking lot next to that house which is sad because when I grew up here we did that.
  • 25 Washington Square Salem, MA 01970, USA - City of Salem
    All the lights on the Common turned off as of 10:20 p.m. Timers need to be reset. Power went back on at 8:45 p.m. this evening. Some of the light posts need new bulbs that are currently out, this will help with dark pockets on the Common.
  • Essex St Salem, Massachusetts - City of Salem
    Very disappointed to visit Salem on Saturday of Memorial Day weekend and find that the beautiful stone water fountain outside the Peabody Essex Museum was not in operation. Instead we found an eyesore! We had planned to spend more time there and our visit was over when we found a littered attraction . Come on Salem..step up to the plate and make this beautiful again!
  • 98 North Street Salem, Massachusetts - City of Salem
    My neighbors and I in the area of North St and Mason have been going back and forth with the Electrical Dept. over a repeatedly failing traffic and pedestrian walk signal. This signal has failed countless times over the past year, and every time it happens it creates a hazard to pedestrians and drivers in the area. It is reported, allegedly fixed, and the issue gets closed only for it to fail again the very next day. Meanwhile, we've had traffic accidents and near misses in the area because of it, and potential hazards to pedestrians crossing to go to the T station or the nearby daycare. This is a hazard and an embarrassment and needs to be taken seriously before someone gets hurt or killed.
  • 2 Brown Street City of Salem, MA - City of Salem
    There currently is no crosswalk anywhere along Brown Street, so pedestrians are forced to cross anywhere they feel like it. At the Common end of Brown, the only crosswalk is in front of the Conant statue, but because of the statue for someone to use the crosswalk to cross Brown you have to walk all the way in front of the Witch Museum, which doesn't make sense because it's so far out of the way. There currently is no way to cross Brown safely, especially if you want to use the John Ward House alley to go to the PEM, or to go to the parking garage or visitor center on New Liberty St.
    Putting a crosswalk at Kimball Court would allow for easy tourist and resident crossing, especially to go to the Common. Putting a crosswalk at New Liberty St would allow for easy tourist and resident crossing as well, especially to the Essex Pedestrial Mall.
    The image attached is a woman with a cane crossing Brown Street at Kimball Court.