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  • 1285-1299 Oak Grove Avenue Burlingame, California - Burlingame

    Hi...Oak Grove at Ansel.

    1. Oak Grove is a straightaway with many drivers constantly exceeding the posted speed limit.

    2. Though zebra painted, asphalt paving now covers up a chunk of the zebra hashing at the Oak Grove/Ansel crosswalk.

    3. Especially in summer with leaves on the trees the signs indicating a crosswalk are often covered and not visible to drivers.

    4. Drivers have little visibility as to the presence of the crosswalk (especially those heading west as there is a slight downhill to Oak Grove prior to Ansel and many drivers are speeding).

    The ideal solution would be to have pedestrian-triggered crosswalk flashing lights (as on California in front of Stacks). However, in the absence of funding for this solution could you please...

    A. Repaint the zebra striping to ensure maximum visibility.

    B. Install signage in the middle of the crosswalk as was recently done on Oak Grove at Acacia (see image).

    With both of these I am hopeful that drivers will slow down and recognize the presence of the crosswalk which I use every day.

    Thanks very much for your help!

  • 969g Edgewater Blvd Foster City, CA 94404, USA - Foster City
    I am just curious why Edgewater Place is not required to paint the business fronts/complex? Citibank looks particularly washed out and needs paint. Thank you.
  • 2038-2098 Cordilleras Road Emerald Hills, California - Emerald Lake Hills
    Traffic light from Cordilleras onto Edgewood Rd is way to long of a wait.
  • 478-498 Catamaran Street (All Along Street) Foster City, California - Foster City
    The curbs were recently repainted along Catamaran, Balboa, etc. The painters did not do a good job - wavy lines, missed areas, painting over weeds. The painting should be redone. The photo I've attached is just one sample of what's visible.
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    107 Goldhunter City foster city, ca - Foster City
    I'd like to register a complaint about the huge clouds of dust coming from the Triton (Waverly) project opposite E Hillsdale Blvd from our neighborhood. With the gusty conditions of the last several days especially, tremendous clouds of dust are blowing directly over to my house, coating my entire property with layers of dirt and exacerbating my wife's allergy sensitivities. And as far as I can tell, there appear to be little or no attempts at mitigating the dust on the part of the earth-moving crews or builders...
  • 1040-1070 Broadway Burlingame, California - Burlingame
    This was reported earlier as issue 1866097 and subsequently fixed, but it seems like the issue was reintroduced while work on the Broadway interchange continued.
    Basically, when going southbound on Broadway and you come to the Carolan intersection right before the train tracks, There are two dedicated left turn lanes to head to Carolan. The problem is, the right turn lane has always been, historically, a lane that allowed drivers to drive straight forward across the tracks to enter the turn lane for California. This is supremely idiotic for multiple reasons.
    For one thing, drivers are still driving straight to cross the tracks from the right side dedicated turn lane, because the signage is terrible and because they've done that for years and it just makes sense. This causes confusion to drivers on the lane to the immediate right of that lane who try to merge over to the turn lane onto California because suddenly they have to watch out for traffic coming into their lane unexpectedly from the left. Secondly, even if all the drivers were following the signage, you're asking people to change lanes right before train tracks in an intersection that has a history of car strikes because of how the lighted intersection is set up just past the tracks. You guys have set up an already dangerous intersection to now be confusing as well.
    Based on what i saw of the Interchange plans, it seems like the dual turn lanes towards Carolan were always part of the plan, which is idiotic because hardly anyone needs to turn onto Carolan and the reasons i listed above. While the issue appeared to have been fixed in early 2016, someone didn't let the street painters in on the change because the dangerous intersection is back.
  • Valero Broadway, Burlingame, CA 94010, United States of America - Burlingame
    Green light only 3.5 seconds NB on Rollins. Bicyclists unable to cross intersection in one round of light. My friend was stuck between 10 lanes of moving vehicles on her bike until she got a second round of green to complete crossing.
  • 1101 E Hillsdale Blvd Foster City, CA 94404, USA - Foster City
    The traffic on E Hillsdale and Foster City Blvd/3rd Ave has increased substantially because people are cutting through FC to avoid the 92/101 interchange. They get off on Hillsdale or 3rd and congest E Hillsdale, our east bound 92 onramp, and Foster City Blvd/3rd Ave. Can we do anything about this? I know Los Gatos is able to close an on/off ramp to prevent traffic congestion related to people cutting through LG to avoid the 17/85 interchange.
  • 1000 Broadway Burlingame, CA 94010, USA - Burlingame

    I know this is Caltrans' project but this is the third time I've seen somebody get confused by the signals here.

    Drivers on Broadway are confusing the signals on the overpass for the signal they should be following when stopped at Rollins. There are 3 sets of signals drivers are looking at - ones on the steel arm over the roadway which is still off, the temporary signals on overhead span wires and then the permanent signals on a steel arm on the overpass. People are confused. This morning a driver didn't know and was inches away from a bad crash (see photo).

    It's been months like this. Pls turn on the correct signals. And make sure the other set of signals aren't confusing or as visible. Please someone is going to get hurt.

  • 989-1019 Broadway Burlingame, California - Burlingame
    Hi -- We absolutely need TWO left turn lanes from Broadway onto Rollins Road while traveling toward 101. There is room for a second turn lane (now filled with signs) and the construction workers are parking in the second lane after the turn. Please make this happen! Traffic now backs up across California Drive since left turn and straight traffic mix and the signals are timed differently. This is dangerous!!! Thanks.
  • 101 Lorton Avenue Burlingame, California - Burlingame
    I recently requested that the city traffic engineer review the poor visibility at the intersection of Lorton Ave. and Bayswater Ave. It was concluded that there is not an issue, but I disagree. The city added a red zone on the southwest corner of this intersection and it helped those turning onto Bayswater from Lorton. The white zone in front of the church provides better visibility too. The issue remains the southeast and northwest corners, which have no red curb zone. Without the red zone, cars can park right up to the corner and this limits visibility dramatically. I regularly drive down Bayswater and have had cars pull out in front of me from Lorton because they cannot see opposing traffic. Please see the attached photo taken on December 19.
  • 815 Camaritas Ave South San Francisco, CA 94080, USA - South San Francisco
    The sidewalk surrounding this property up until the 1st house beside it is full of trash, broken glass, weeds sprouting from the sidewalk, the sandbags need to be changed, it has debris from the nearby trees all over the sidewalk & gutter. Please fix & clean. My kids walk this route everyday going to school. note, this is not only the calwater lot but also the house beside it on Camaritas