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  • 1159 East Hillsdale Boulevard Foster City, California - Foster City

    What are the allowed hours for construction activity? I have often heard construction noises starting from 8am; this morning (Saturday, Oct 08), noise (the most annoying of which were the reverse/backup alarms of construction vehicles going off almost continuously) began from 7:40AM.

    Surely Foster City must have rules limiting the hours during which construction activities are allowed?

    In neighboring cities (e.g. Palo Alto) I have seen city signs posted on even home remodel projects that clearly specify the allowed construction hours -- that would seem to benefit construction crews as well as neighbors...

  • 119 Goldhunter Ct Foster City, California - Foster City
    the tenant has been running airbnb type lodging business for about two years as soon as they moved in. I filed a complaint over a year ago and, upon city's investigation, they pulled off airbnb and other ads. But the activities have never stopped and even escalated. Now there are average 7-8 cars, 1-2 motorcycles and multiple uber dropoff and pickups every day. Cars often parked and left in the middle of night with young men and women in and out. I have talked to neighbors and we are all concerned about the safety and parking congestions in this supposedly quiet cul de sac area. The tenant's self claim that they only host visiting friends are total BS and we are all willing to confront them directly if necessary. Let us know if you need further evidence, thank you.
  • Sidewalks Archived
    411 Beach Park Foster City, California - Foster City
    Sidewalk on Castor Street side of this property is very uneven. It is used by many schoolchildren every day and is a tripping hazard to them and their caretakers.
  • 2038-2098 Cordilleras Road Emerald Hills, California - Emerald Lake Hills
    Traffic light from Cordilleras onto Edgewood Rd is way to long of a wait.
  • 925-949 Bayswater Ave Burlingame, CA 94010, USA - Burlingame
    Can a 4-way stop sign be installed at Bayswater and Anita? Turning on to Bayswater from Aniya is dangerous because parked cars on Bayswater block line of site.
  • 1070 Broadway Burlingame, California - Burlingame

    Re Broadway/Carolan - Since it's pretty clear Burlingame is pointing the finger at Caltrans and saying it's Caltrans' fault, the only thing to do is email or tweet Caltrans Director Malcolm Dougherty:

    Let's ask him to return the lanes that the way they used to be. And why they're being so unreasonable and putting our lives on the line and bullying Burlingame. Enough is enough.

  • 300timberhead Ln Foster City, CA - Foster City
    The illegal trash bin problem at Schooner Bay appears to be getting worse. During a dog walk earlier today (3 days after waste bin collection), outside waste bins were evident as follows: Cutwater Ln – 92 bins, Timberhead Ln - 48 bins, Haylard Ln – 8 bins, Stanchion Ln – 11 bins, Masthead Ln - 14 bins, Transom Ln – 17 bins, Quadrant Ln – 8 bins, Bobstay Ln – 11 bins, Pinrail Ln – 6 bins, Windlass Ln – 17 bins, Jibstay Ln – 17 bins. This represents a total of 249 illegally stored bins in a complex with about 300 units, of which 111 are facing (defacing) the Bay Trail bike path. Could you please prioritize this issue and resolve quickly. Illegal trash bin storage is ruining the beauty of Schooner Bay as well as the Bay Trail bike path.
  • 1601 Adeline Dr Burlingame, CA 94010, USA - Burlingame
    Crosswalk at Adeline and Cortez needs a stop sign. I have witnessed many close calls and screeching car stops. This is a popular access gateway to Lincoln Elementary, Ray Park, and tennis and basketball courts. An accident waiting to happen.
  • 401 Bodega St Foster City, CA - Foster City
    I have noticed over the past year the laxity in residents on Bodega St. not storing their trash cans in their side yards (not visible to public view except on pickup day)...some residents have changed and possibly they do not know about this City Code...Can they be reminded with a mailer, notice, etc.?
  • 19 Seaport Blvd Redwood City, CA - Redwood City
    Drivers continue down Seaport in the far left lane until the NB 101 freeway entrance then cut across the right lane of Seaport into the entrance ramp. Many times I've seen and almost been a part of accidents.
  • 822 Maple Avenue South San Francisco, California - South San Francisco
    This property is looking like a junk yard. It's been shabby for more than five years. Despite the number of complaints that neighbors have reported, the Fire Marshal won't do anything about it. He's been giving the residents on Maple excuses for years and blames it on unsupportive city leaders. It shouldn't take years to get a property cleaned up. Council needs to put someone in charge that is accountable and doesn't come up with excuses on why things can't be done. The whole system is broken.
  • 176 Edgewater Blvd Foster City, California - Foster City
    Abandoned bike in front of bank of America on Hillsdale and Edgewater at bike rack.