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  • Metro Center Boulevard Foster City, California - Foster City
    The right turn lane on Triton Dr going onto Foster City Blvd needs to be clarified as a RIGHT TURN ONLY lane. Many drivers do not realize this and go straight. Not only is this an inconvenience for drivers wanting to make a right turn on a red light, but it is also a safety concern as the adjacent lane also has the ability to make a right turn. I witnessed a car in the right lane going straight while another car in the adjacent lane turned right which almost caused an accident. I believe painting another right turn sign on the street closer to the McDonalds entrance/exit would greatly remedy this.
  • 119 Goldhunter Ct Foster City, California - Foster City
    the tenant has been running airbnb type lodging business for about two years as soon as they moved in. I filed a complaint over a year ago and, upon city's investigation, they pulled off airbnb and other ads. But the activities have never stopped and even escalated. Now there are average 7-8 cars, 1-2 motorcycles and multiple uber dropoff and pickups every day. Cars often parked and left in the middle of night with young men and women in and out. I have talked to neighbors and we are all concerned about the safety and parking congestions in this supposedly quiet cul de sac area. The tenant's self claim that they only host visiting friends are total BS and we are all willing to confront them directly if necessary. Let us know if you need further evidence, thank you.
  • 2300-2324 Massachusetts Ave Redwood City, CA 94061, USA - Redwood City
    There is no pedestrian crossing signal at a very heavy intersection on Woodside road in redwood city at the corner of a heavily used mall/shipping area.
  • Other Archived
    Beach Park Blvd Foster City, CA 94404, USA - Foster City
    Donation box On sidewalk
  • Sidewalks Archived
    411 Beach Park Foster City, California - Foster City
    Sidewalk on Castor Street side of this property is very uneven. It is used by many schoolchildren every day and is a tripping hazard to them and their caretakers.
  • 3187-3199 Trousdale Drive Burlingame, California - Burlingame
    This is a junction that is clearly marked, the left lane can only turn left, and the right lane can only go forward. But the cars in the left lane usually just continue forward, almost hitting the cars that are legally continuing forward. Proposed lane marking fix on the picture.
  • Paint stripes Archived
    El Camino Real Hickey South San Francisco, California - South San Francisco
    The stripes are getting very worn along El Camino.Would appreciate looking at our neighborhood crossings as well.
    Pedestrisn markings very worn.
    Winston Manor
  • Alma Ln Foster City, California - Foster City
    Where and when will the US Post Office ever re-open? This is ridiculous to be w/o an important and vital service for our City. What is FC Gov't doing to resolve this? No PO since end-January, does anyone care you have to drive to San Mateo thru traffic all the time? !
  • 815 Camaritas Ave South San Francisco, CA 94080, USA - South San Francisco
    The sidewalk surrounding this property up until the 1st house beside it is full of trash, broken glass, weeds sprouting from the sidewalk, the sandbags need to be changed, it has debris from the nearby trees all over the sidewalk & gutter. Please fix & clean. My kids walk this route everyday going to school. note, this is not only the calwater lot but also the house beside it on Camaritas
  • Other Archived
    1153 Laguna Ave Burlingame, CA 94010, USA - Burlingame
    Would you pls put a bike rack on the right side of Village host near the loading zone. Pls remove the empty post that serves no purpose at that corner. Thx.
  • 1099 California Dr Burlingame, CA 94010, USA - Burlingame
    Please paint faded crosswalk.
  • 1070 Broadway Burlingame, California - Burlingame

    Re Broadway/Carolan - Since it's pretty clear Burlingame is pointing the finger at Caltrans and saying it's Caltrans' fault, the only thing to do is email or tweet Caltrans Director Malcolm Dougherty:

    Let's ask him to return the lanes that the way they used to be. And why they're being so unreasonable and putting our lives on the line and bullying Burlingame. Enough is enough.