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  • 401 Bodega St Foster City, CA - Foster City
    I have noticed over the past year the laxity in residents on Bodega St. not storing their trash cans in their side yards (not visible to public view except on pickup day)...some residents have changed and possibly they do not know about this City Code...Can they be reminded with a mailer, notice, etc.?
  • 1601 Adeline Dr Burlingame, CA 94010, USA - Burlingame
    Crosswalk at Adeline and Cortez needs a stop sign. I have witnessed many close calls and screeching car stops. This is a popular access gateway to Lincoln Elementary, Ray Park, and tennis and basketball courts. An accident waiting to happen.
  • 281 Gardenside Ave South San Francisco, California - South San Francisco
    This red 280z has been driven around for months with an expired 2005 tags. How can my neighbor who had been disabled by an accident get a ticket for his expired Truck on the day that his son moved it out if the driveway to the street in front of their house to move out stuff from their garage for only an hour. While this OLD red Z with expired 2005 tags drives around unchecked.
    What about no residential parking sticker.
  • Broadway Caltrain Station Burlingame, CA 94010, USA - Burlingame
    It is dangerous to make a left turn from eastbound Broadway to northbound California because the other direction keeps going even though the left turns are trying to make it on the yellow light. It is confusing.
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    Grand And Eucalyptus South San Francisco, California - South San Francisco
    City bikes are a bad idea. Dumped everywhere
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    1153 Laguna Ave Burlingame, CA 94010, USA - Burlingame
    Would you pls put a bike rack on the right side of Village host near the loading zone. Pls remove the empty post that serves no purpose at that corner. Thx.
  • 1294 Oak Grove Avenue Burlingame, California - Burlingame
    It is currently VERY hazardous and dangerous to make (particularly) at left turn from Farringdon onto Oak Grove. There is nearly zero visibility as to traffic heading west on Oak Grove to El Camino. I am requesting that the red curb be extended one more car length on the NE corner to ensure a much greater level of visibility and safety.
  • 1070 Broadway Burlingame, CA 94010, USA - Burlingame
    The 2nd L turn lane towards Carolan is NOT helping at all and should be removed ASAP - listen to the drivers and commuters - what is the City doing about this issue? NO solution as of this date 10/14/17
  • 740 Linden Avenue Burlingame, CA 94010, USA - Burlingame
    When is the next scheduled resurfacing of California Drive? The stretch between Broadway and Burlingame Ave has gotten rough, especially for bikes.
  • 1099 California Dr Burlingame, CA 94010, USA - Burlingame
    Please paint faded crosswalk.
  • City Of Ssf South San Francisco, California - South San Francisco
    The City needs to be transparent with their use of public funds and how/where they are getting all of their additional funds to pay for various projects within the city. Was that the money that was supposed to fund all the necessary street repairs and to fund the necessary services of emergency personnel? The news media should be alerted as to how the City is misleading the public about the City's financial situation.
  • 363 Grand Ave. South San Francisco, California - South San Francisco

    Now that the tenants have moved out of the old Bronstein Music Store, the patrons from the Grand Palace continue to stand in front of 363 Grand Ave. near the entrance every mid-day, especially on Saturdays and Sundays when Dim Sum crowd is at its' peak.

    They smoke cigarettes outside extensively and drop their butts at the entryway of 363 Grand Ave.

    Is there a smoking ordinance on Grand Ave. If there is, why isn't it enforced?

    The litter this is causing should be considered also and I believe cigarette butts are a toxic waste.

    This practice needs to stop immediately.

    Thank you for your help in this matter.