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  • 104 Eliza Court Foster City, California - Foster City

    I would like to make you aware of what I believe are a couple of code violations of one of your residents and one of these violations could be a health risk to our community.

    The first violation I believe is a building code violation. Our neighbor has a shed nailed to common property. We recently replaced a portion of the failing fence between our two properties (paid for entirely by us). We would have liked to have had the new fence continue along the entire property line; however, construction had to cease at a certain point due to a shed nailed to the fence. The owner has verbally expressed to me that the shed is not nailed to the fence and she won’t remove it. It is my understanding that property owners cannot permanently fix items to common property. Please advise how we should proceed as we'd like to replace the broken old fence between our properties.

    The same neighbor has a filthy disgusting sewer pool in backyard that has been actually a large filthy pond since at least 2004. Over the years, we have had various degrees of problems with mosquitoes. Mosquito Abatement is a regular visitor to our house and other houses in our area and treats any standing water (small ponds, fountains, etc) at all residences. There has been times when the mosquito issue has been so bad that each member of our family has slept in mosquito nets. The owner did not allow Mosquito Abatement to enter her residence and treat her pool/pond in the past. You can verify this with Mosquito Abatement as I am sure they have notes on this issue. However, as of late we were informed that she has allowed Mosquito Abatement to treat the pool/pond. Does the city of Foster City have codes in regards to unused pools as they turn into ponds and are potential breading grounds for mosquitoes who carry various deadly diseases. I realize that currently her pool/pond is not a breeding ground for mosquitoes but the potential is there. I would hate to see a member of our community contract an infectious disease from an untreated pool. The filthy pool also raises concern for potential health issues to my family including our young children.

  • Other Archived
    217 Mytyle Road Burlingame Ca - Burlingame
    Someone dumped a mattress on the sidewalk. Please remove.
  • Traffic Concerns Acknowledged
    1515-1521 California Dr Burlingame, CA 94010, USA - Burlingame
    Difficult to see when a vehicle is parked here coming out of Oxford. Especially if it's an SUV or Van. Traffic on California moves very fast and it's impossible to see and is dangerous. I wonder if the existing red zone is long enough?
  • Other Archived
    Bay Trail Foster City, CA 94404, USA - Foster City
    Why is Gilead allowed to stage 11 buses on Third Ave for their commute traffic? Don't they have enough property that they can park then there??
  • 3100 Dublin Dr - South San Francisco
    There is a large television in front yard of this home that has been there for months
  • 1404 California Dr Burlingame, CA 94010, USA - Burlingame
    California/Grove - severe visibility problem coming out of Grove. Because the red zone that's there is not long enough. It is only one car space long, when it needs to be at least 2 car spaces. Here's a photo when the first two spaces are clear. With a car/SUV parked in that 2nd space, there is no visibility at all and people will get into a crash. This has been brought up before and promised to be addressed since 2013. Still nothing. Even though it is a high collision location in Burlingame.
  • Links Rd And Junipero Serra Stanford, CA - Stanford
    Cars coming downhill on Links Rd have a protected left turn on to Junipero with left-turn signal light. However cars coming up Campus drive and turning right have no signage to yield. All day long cars on Campus Drive rush a right turn and try to pass the cars from Links making a protected left into the same lane. Not safe.
  • 970-986 Broadway Burlingame, CA 94010, USA - Burlingame
    Going eastbound on Broadway. trying to make a left turn on Rollins road northbound, the left turn green arrow light is not visible. The light fixture is installed temporally on a cable and the fixture is twisted. This is an urgent fix. Thank you.
  • 1070 Broadway Burlingame, California - Burlingame

    Dear Mr. Wong:

    Issue #1 - If proceding WB on Broadway with the intent to turn left onto California, one must legally wait for the left turn signal at California to turn green in order to procede past the limit line at Broadway and Carolan. If the left turn lane (which accomodates about 3 cars) is full, the car making the left turn is holding up a large amount of traffic that wishes to procede straight WB continuing on Broadway. This situation is creating a lot of road rage and upset people.

    Issue #2 - many cars are disregarding the right (of the 2) left turn lanes at Broadway and Carolan. They are proceding straight in that lane to the left turn lane of California. Signage should clarify that the two left turn lanes are on to Carolan only or you should make that right left turn lane able to procede straight as well as left onto Carolan.

    Issue #3 - There should be more police enforcement than what is out there now. I travel through that area often enough and never see any police presence. Especially around commuter hours. There should perhaps be someone directing traffic. Timing of the signals I realize is complicated and needs to be in sync with the train schedule but I go through this area at various times throughout the day, and I believe it can be done better; especially regarding the left turn signal onto California. As things stand now, during evening commute hours, a green signal at WB Broadway and Carolan would only allow 3-4 cars to fill up the left turn lane then WB traffic would be gridlocked, horns would be blaring and much road rage would (and is) ensuing.

    Please fix this!

  • 1501 Hillside Drive Burlingame, California - Burlingame
    There are way too many traffic incidents with pedestrians at ECR and Hillside. The intersection at ECR and Hillside is set up for pedestrians to get hit. The walk sign for crossing over ECR is timed with the green light exiting Hillside. Drivers see a green light, peds see it's "safe" to walk, at the same time. Both assume it's safe to go and end up in the middle of the intersection at the same time without looking. Very dangerous and not thought through by whoever programs these things. I can't tell you how many times I've almost been hit. The walk sign should only be on when all lights are red at that intersection.
  • 1322-1398 Mission Rd South San Francisco, CA 94080, USA - Colma
    Request that the right lane on McLellan at the corner of Mission Road be marked for Right Turn Only lane. Often multiple cars are waiting to make a right turn behind a Car stopped at red light who is waiting to go straight onto Lawndale. Lawndale is a one lane road which can easily be reached by the left lane on McLellan. Thus leaving the right lane clear for vehicles to make a right after stopping on a red light. Costs would be labor and paint the mark the lanes. Effect traffic flow would be smoother with left lane straight and right lane for right turn.
  • 1035-1047 Gellert Blvd Daly City, CA 94015, USA - South San Francisco
    Sofa, mattress, washing machine and abandon car. Worried this could promote more illegal dumping in the area making it unsafe for patrons of this area.