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  • City Of Ssf South San Francisco, California - South San Francisco
    The City needs to be transparent with their use of public funds and how/where they are getting all of their additional funds to pay for various projects within the city. Was that the money that was supposed to fund all the necessary street repairs and to fund the necessary services of emergency personnel? The news media should be alerted as to how the City is misleading the public about the City's financial situation.
  • 1099 California Dr Burlingame, CA 94010, USA - Burlingame
    Please paint faded crosswalk.
  • 300timberhead Ln Foster City, CA - Foster City
    The illegal trash bin problem at Schooner Bay appears to be getting worse. During a dog walk earlier today (3 days after waste bin collection), outside waste bins were evident as follows: Cutwater Ln – 92 bins, Timberhead Ln - 48 bins, Haylard Ln – 8 bins, Stanchion Ln – 11 bins, Masthead Ln - 14 bins, Transom Ln – 17 bins, Quadrant Ln – 8 bins, Bobstay Ln – 11 bins, Pinrail Ln – 6 bins, Windlass Ln – 17 bins, Jibstay Ln – 17 bins. This represents a total of 249 illegally stored bins in a complex with about 300 units, of which 111 are facing (defacing) the Bay Trail bike path. Could you please prioritize this issue and resolve quickly. Illegal trash bin storage is ruining the beauty of Schooner Bay as well as the Bay Trail bike path.
  • 1502 Adeline Dr Burlingame, CA 94010, USA - Burlingame
    The issues keep piling up on this high traffic block. Broken curb. Given pedestrian volume on walk to school every inch of sidewalk (even curb) is used. This is at Adeline Market.
  • 281 Gardenside Ave South San Francisco, California - South San Francisco
    This red 280z has been driven around for months with an expired 2005 tags. How can my neighbor who had been disabled by an accident get a ticket for his expired Truck on the day that his son moved it out if the driveway to the street in front of their house to move out stuff from their garage for only an hour. While this OLD red Z with expired 2005 tags drives around unchecked.
    What about no residential parking sticker.
  • 1601 Adeline Dr Burlingame, CA 94010, USA - Burlingame
    Crosswalk at Adeline and Cortez needs a stop sign. I have witnessed many close calls and screeching car stops. This is a popular access gateway to Lincoln Elementary, Ray Park, and tennis and basketball courts. An accident waiting to happen.
  • 1100 Carolan Avenue Burlingame, California - Burlingame
    This car has been in a red zone For three days yet you keep closing this issue. Why have you not towed or cited this vehicle? Closing the issue I’m not dealing with it does not solve the problem
  • 1070 Broadway Burlingame, California - Burlingame

    Re Broadway/Carolan - Since it's pretty clear Burlingame is pointing the finger at Caltrans and saying it's Caltrans' fault, the only thing to do is email or tweet Caltrans Director Malcolm Dougherty:

    Let's ask him to return the lanes that the way they used to be. And why they're being so unreasonable and putting our lives on the line and bullying Burlingame. Enough is enough.

  • 822 Maple Avenue South San Francisco, California - South San Francisco
    This property is looking like a junk yard. It's been shabby for more than five years. Despite the number of complaints that neighbors have reported, the Fire Marshal won't do anything about it. He's been giving the residents on Maple excuses for years and blames it on unsupportive city leaders. It shouldn't take years to get a property cleaned up. Council needs to put someone in charge that is accountable and doesn't come up with excuses on why things can't be done. The whole system is broken.
  • 176 Edgewater Blvd Foster City, California - Foster City
    Abandoned bike in front of bank of America on Hillsdale and Edgewater at bike rack.
  • Sidewalk Archived
    1214 Capuchino Ave Burlingame, CA 94010, USA - Burlingame
    There's this patch of sidewalk that's sunken in dirt. It probably had some landscaping at some point. For years now it's just sunken dirt and hazardous for people walking at night, particularly a trip and fall hazard. There's been his unsightly, broken top come that's been on there for months. Pls just fill it in and remove that ugly come. The cone is useless, is an eyesore and can actually spear someone badly because the top is splintered. Dangerous for kids playing and biking.
  • 2824 Devonshire Ave Redwood City, CA 94063, USA - North Fair Oaks