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  • 1451 Conner Dr Dallas, TX - Southeast Dallas
    there is a residential hotel allowed to be here in my neighborhood and the city hasn't done anything about it. There have been numerous complaints.
  • 5322 Railroad Ave Dallas, TX 75210, USA - South Boulevard-Park Row
    The area from RailRoad Ave to Macon street is a dumping site. I contacted the city and they came and picked up the tires and left everything else. It is time to close the stretch of abandoned street. It attracks dumpers. No traffic goes down the street and the trains balst their horns only to distrub the neighborhood. Clean and clean the area to stop the dumping and I will handle Union Pacific.
  • 10629 Rylie Rd Dallas, TX - Southeast Dallas
    the folks living at 10629 rylie road have a front yard that looks like a garbage dump. i find myself constantly picking up their household garbage out of my driveway and front yard. they constantly dump garbage in the ditch in front of their house, on the end beside MY driveway. this garbage washes into MY culvert, plugs it up and causes my garage to flood. these people will sit in their house and watch me stand out in the rain, digging their garbage out of my culvert, and dump more there the next day. there is a large hole in their backyard that appears to collect raw sewage. i've seen young kids use the "restroom' in the yard as if there is no plumbing. these people are a gross nasty health hazard to have for next door neighbors. i'm sick of standing in their sewage to clean their garbage out of my culvert out every time it rains hard.this week i cleaned up about 30 pounds of broken glass that washed up. this is getting bad.
  • Potholes Archived
    4036 Hickory Tree Balch Springs, Texas - Balch Springs
    Two large potholes that caused me to have a flat tire on 6/28/14 as well as my car is out of alignment.
  • 1520 Conner Dr Dallas, TX - Southeast Dallas
    I have called the Dallas morning News @ least 2X to tell them I don't read Spanish and to stop Litering my yard with these newspapers
  • Corner Of S Ervay And Beaumont Dallas, TX 75215 - The Cedars
    The Water Department dug up the street today to do repairs. The street repair is a hazard as it already has ruts in the road.
  • Lights Out Archived
    2279 Pine St Dallas, TX 75215 - South Boulevard-Park Row
    Street lights out all along 175 from Metropolitan to Hatcher
  • Conner Dr Dallas, TX - Southeast Dallas
    I have complained several times to the city about this pack of dogs. In fact it has grown in size none of the dogs have tags or collars. There is an elementary school less than half a block away on this street. I spoke my concern about the children yet nothings been done.
  • 1910 S Harwood St Dallas, TX 75215, USA - South Boulevard-Park Row
    This cluster of bars, the names of which are constantly changing, are keeping this developing section of the Cedars neighborhood from reaching its full potential. Friday and Saturday nights around these bars are just plain scary.
  • 45n At 30exit - South Boulevard-Park Row
    There are many potholes on 45N between 175 and Bryan Ave. In the right lane as you pass the 30exit, the potholes are located and are very deep.
  • 5666 Forney Rd Dallas, TX 75227 - Urbandale-Parkdale
    Meth Dealers. Frequented by customers at all hours. Multiple cars parked in the yard. At one time, a homeless guy lived in a broken down delivery truck parked in the back yard. Police are aware but can never seem to shut the place down.
  • C F Hawn Fwy Dallas, TX - South Boulevard-Park Row
    City tore out phone and cable lines. We need those installed so we can get cable and phone service. This is a new area and we cannot get any immediate help in getting service. The cable company refuses because they want $8000. The city needs to resolve this quickly. Like yesterday and bring the latest technology to South Dallas and stop treating us like fools.