Boston Department of Public Works

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  • At right turn from Rutherford Ave to to ramp for Storrow. About 25 feet before the turn. Fairly deep pothole toward the right side of the right turn lane.
  • Three years ago these holes took out my catalytic converter, the year before it cracked an axle.

    They're back in full force once again (one wonders if MassHighway ever fixes them at all). Upshot is, I'm getting really good at swerving the @#$% out of the way from 'em.
  • Pothole Archived
    471-553 Rutherford Ave Boston, MA 02129, USA - Charlestown
    Dangerous pothole always filled with water. A temporary attempt at a repair was made months ago with a plate of steel but the pothole and water leakage remains. Come winter this will be an even bigger issue. Please fix permanently
  • Pothole Acknowledged
    522-534 Main St Boston, Massachusetts - Charlestown
    Potholes inside train track crossover
  • 1/19/09 - 4 Cars sustained bend rims and blew tires - Huge hole in right lane next to pile of ice - only room for one car on a 2 lane road - police blocked off road and called wreckers. Cost me $495 for tow, 2 new rims and tires and alignment. Submitting bills to Boston Mayor Offices - signed: Livid
  • Graffiti Acknowledged
    Maffa Way Boston, MA 02129, USA - Charlestown
  • Austin Street At New Rutherford Ave - Charlestown
    The pedestrian crosswalk from the center of Rutherford to the BHCC side of the street on the way to the T is very dangerous. There is almost no trace left of the painted crosswalk, and cars barrel through the yield without ever thinking to stop. I've almost gotten hit there, and I've seen many other pedestrians have to jump back onto the curb to avoid getting creamed by oncoming traffic. That crossing, at the very least, should have a freshly painted crosswalk and possibly one of those flexible signs that say "stop for peds in crosswalk--its the law." The crosswalk in the attached pic is no longer visible.
  • (pothole) Archived
    Alford St Boston, MA - Charlestown
    several potholes on the bridge
  • 2 Cambridge St Boston, MA 02129, USA - Charlestown
    Not enough street light! It is dangerous crossing the rotary at night, cars run the yellow lights and blow through the pedestrian walk signs and can't see us walking
  • Other Acknowledged
    Charlestown Ma - Charlestown
    This picture was took on sunshine day but still not clear enough to see the sign. I may guest that 93 South but what about other people who from out of town? Fix that please!
  • Pothole Archived
    196-208 North Washington Street Boston, Massachusetts - Charlestown
    Multiple potholes on the southbound approach to the Washington St bridge, mostly on the right side of the road (ie, where cyclists are particularly susceptible to them).
  • Coming from Broadway in the left lane just before the stoplight. The monster will swallow your tire.