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  • Other City Request Acknowledged
    494 Medford Street Boston, MA 02129, USA - Charlestown
    Speeding cars. Trucks in particular. Happens around morning and evening commute on weekdays. We need police presence or a sign that detects and displays speed. Very dangerous for residents in this area.
  • Graffiti Archived
    430-448 Medford St Boston, MA 02129, USA - Charlestown
  • Damaged Sign Acknowledged
    21-29 Chelsea Street Boston, MA 02129, USA - Charlestown
    There's supposed to be a bus stop here, according to maps and a bus driver. No sign to be found.
  • Coming from Broadway in the left lane just before the stoplight. The monster will swallow your tire.
  • 104 1st Ave Boston, Massachusetts - Charlestown
    Historical sign/plaque in need of repair/refurbishment
  • Pothole Archived
    196-208 North Washington Street Boston, Massachusetts - Charlestown
    Multiple potholes on the southbound approach to the Washington St bridge, mostly on the right side of the road (ie, where cyclists are particularly susceptible to them).
  • Other Acknowledged
    Charlestown Ma - Charlestown
    This picture was took on sunshine day but still not clear enough to see the sign. I may guest that 93 South but what about other people who from out of town? Fix that please!
  • 97 Cambridge Street Boston, Massachusetts - Charlestown
    Pavement markings are not visible at speed to people in cars. This is leading to dangerous driving by people in cars driving in a manner that is unsafe to the people on bike and on foot.
  • 33 Third Ave Boston/Charlestown, MA - Charlestown
    Between 6th and 9th streets
  • Trash Picker Acknowledged
    3rd Ave St Charlestown, MA 02129, USA - Charlestown
    There is a man who goes through the dumpsters during the evening at 3rd & 9th ave as well as other dumpsters in the Navy Yard. I am sure he is harmless, but as a female I am very uncomfortable walking by and I feel an invasion of privacy, as I throw away mail, receipts, etc.
  • Other Archived
    Caldwell St And Maffa Way Somerville - Charlestown
    Stripped down bike chained to sign has been there for months. Clearly not being used. Corner of Caldwell and Maffa, under the bridge.
  • Traffic Signal Acknowledged
    101-105 Cambridge St Boston, MA 02129, USA - Charlestown
    Cars continue to drive down the bike lane and also the wrong way in order to pass other cars waiting in line to drive down Cambridge st. These cars are almost hitting cyclists and pedestrians as they speed around. There needs to be better enforcement and adding some barriers to prevent cars from using the bike lanes would be good.