Queens Waterfront Community Input

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This is a map to identify places on the Queens waterfront that answer the following three questions:

What works on your waterfront? (green)

What doesn't work on your waterfront (red)

What are you doing on your waterfront (blue)

How do you get there / get around? (marker line)

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  • Heat Danger Acknowledged
    Main St New York, NY - Roosevelt Island
    Because it is dangerously hot in the tram on warmer days (in fact, I
    wouldn't be surprised if someone passes out on the tram one day), I have
    suggested to a couple of the operators and to one of the guys in the control
    station that they place some industrial strength fans at the tram station to
    blow air through the tram while it is stationary and people are waiting
    inside. This will help remove some stale air and keep people a little cooler
    before it takes off. They could easily turn it off while the tram is in
    motion and turn it back on when it docks. Just a humble suggestion. Thanks.
  • 475 Main Street Roosevelt Island, New York - Roosevelt Island
    On the new tot lot, the fence that separates the play area from the swing area is broken. The fence rocks back and forth. One of the posts has some broken concrete and the screws are coming up and are rusted. That post is very loose and it is allowing the fence to really rock. My song grabbed it yesterday afternoon and I was shocked when I saw the entire fence moving back and forth 6 inches.
  • manhole cover Archived
    Main St 560 new york, NY - Roosevelt Island
    Since the last construction on a Main Street the manhole cover in front of 560 make an incredible noise. Passing this cover cars make an unpleasant double CLICK very audible for the whole neighborhood.
  • 700 Main Street NY, New York - Roosevelt Island
    Shot from another view, slippage can be seen more clearly under pier.
  • Tram Acknowledged
    Roosevelt Island Tram - Roosevelt Island
    Another winter has gone by and the tram still has no cooling controls, nor do the tram stations, which now with the new imprisoning glass sarcophagus cook waiting passengers in the noon day sun.
  • 40 River Road Manhattan, NY - Roosevelt Island
    The bus stop sign, blown down during Hurricane Sandy, was picked up last week by RIOC from the 40 River Road ground floor storage room. Please re-install.
  • 850 Main Street New York, New York - Roosevelt Island
  • Annoying kids Archived
    549-573 Main St New York, NY - Roosevelt Island
    A bunch of kids sit here every night and are obnoxiously loud
  • 465 Main St New York, NY - Roosevelt Island
    The children's sprinkler/fountain between the basketball court and the playground is filthy. Black/green algae is growing up both fountain/sprinkler mounts, and the surface in the fountain/sprinkler "pit" is covered in a thin slimy layer of the same black/green algae. The entire area needs a simple clean/scrubbing, before either eats the stuff or falls and hurts themselves.
  • Why Are There More Bus Stops North Of South Town? Roosevelt Island , NY - Roosevelt Island
    just wondering why so few are south of the church...a few thousand people live down there and only 2 bus stops?
  • Roosevelt Island New York, NY - Roosevelt Island
    What is our hurricane plan if they shut down the MTA and we experience flooding? How and where do we evacuate?
  • 555 Main St New York, NY - Roosevelt Island
    Please mark a specific area for 10 minutes loading/unloading cars in front of Island House.
    Residents of this building have real difficult time unloading their groceries from their cars, when they get home.
    Metered parking in front of Island house is not always available.
    The entire parking space in front of Island House is reserved for the Public Safety fleet (in my opinion 1-2 of their vehicles should be parked there for emergencies but no more).
    This would free 2 spots specifically for Island House residents for the only purpose of unloading their groceries for 10 minutes only.
    The way it is right now, people do stop their vehicles for unloading groceries in the spots reserved for PS, or in front of the hydrant, or double park causing traffic problems.