Queens Waterfront Community Input

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This is a map to identify places on the Queens waterfront that answer the following three questions:

What works on your waterfront? (green)

What doesn't work on your waterfront (red)

What are you doing on your waterfront (blue)

How do you get there / get around? (marker line)

Notified About

  • flood Archived
    Blackwell Park Roosevelt Island, NY - Roosevelt Island
    The fountain to the east of Blackwell House has filled its catchment basin and is flooding the area to the extend that water is flowing into the East Channel. The fountain needs to be turned off.
  • 455 Main St New York, NY 10044, USA - Roosevelt Island
    Pavers are coming apart in front of Nonno's pizza.
  • South RI park Archived
    43-82 Vernon Blvd Queens, NY 11101, USA - NYC District 5

    What is supposed to be gardens and something to enjoy has become all weeds and ugly.

    IDEA: let's let some of the freen-thumbed islanders try their hands at planting their individual gardens!

  • 888 Main Street New York, NY - Roosevelt Island

    Receieved mail on Directors@rioc.com
    From: juiceballerina@aol.com
    Subject: Buses leaving early
    Date: December 31, 2011 8:51:04 AM EST
    To: "directors@rioc.com"

    I live at the octagon. I came downstairs at 8:28 this sat morning and the bus had already left. On tues I was waiting at the bus stop a full 2 minutes before it was supposed to leave and no bus. I own an iPhone, I think the time is accurate. Plus, I'm not the only one waiting, so I know it's not just me Please tell your bus drivers to wait till the scheduled time. Them leaving 2 minutes early means I arrive 15 minutes late to work.
    Thank you.

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  • Sick Trees Acknowledged
    625 Main Street Roosevelt Island, New York - Roosevelt Island
    On the North side of 625 , I have a sick tree outside my window. It is the second tree from the Promenade. As soon as the leaves grow in, they turn brown. This is most evident at the top of the tree. It is getting worse each year. The first tree next to it seems to be having the same problem
  • Road 5 New York, NY - Roosevelt Island
    Every day visitors come in the kiosk and ask the tram fare. I know RIOC has signs that indicate that the tram accepts Metrocards. Please put signs up.
  • Bike pump Archived
    543 Main St Manhattan, NY 10044, USA - Roosevelt Island

    So, I've heard that a bike pump is available at all times at PSD. But every time I try to use what they have - a flimsy manual one - it's broken and they always send me to the bus garage where I can never get access.

    Why don't we make RI more bike friendly? Why can't we install good ones - perhaps at the visitors center, another one at the lighthouse an another one at the gardens?

  • Main St. NEW YORK, NY - Roosevelt Island
    NY Post cited RI PO as being considered for closure. Please do everything possible to stop this from happening!!!
  • 599 Main St New York, NY - Roosevelt Island
    Can something be done to manage the families and children blocking the sidewalks outside of PS/IS 217 in the morning at 8:30 and in the afternoon at 2:45-3:15? I've asked the principal before, and I've offered solutions, but the school seems unwilling to touch this problem.
  • 405 Main Street New York, NY - Roosevelt Island
    Every night this week (as well as between the 16 and the 20th of july), there has been extremely loud jack hammering on the queensboro bridge, between 10pm and 3-4am. The level of the noise is really unbearable. They also use huge projectors to give light to the workers.
    Do you have any information of how much time this will last, or if they could stop working during the night, allowing everyone to sleep?
  • Parks Archived
    W Rd Manhattan, NY 10044, USA - Roosevelt Island
    The fruit stand needs lights at night. Currently he uses a generator, which creates unnecessary pollution. Could RIOC make an electrical outlet available at the fruit stand location?
  • 465 Main St New York, NY - Roosevelt Island
    There are three areas within this playground that are built to contain woodchips for both safety and play purposes. All three areas have been empty for some time (8 weeks at least). One poses a safety hazard for children (around the bridge between the fort area and the swing area) and the other two are no longer functional play sites. Please replace the woodchips. Thank you.