Queens Waterfront Community Input

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This is a map to identify places on the Queens waterfront that answer the following three questions:

What works on your waterfront? (green)

What doesn't work on your waterfront (red)

What are you doing on your waterfront (blue)

How do you get there / get around? (marker line)

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  • Red Bus Archived
    899 Main St Manhattan, NY 10044, USA - Roosevelt Island
    Where is the tram bus stop? Several months ago it was communicated that it is at the north side of the tram station. Recently the drivers seem to randomly decide to stop on the west side. Particularly when weather is bad or extra cold. Is there a reason for this or are the drivers just getting creative?
  • 645 Main St NYC, NY - Roosevelt Island
    There is offensive graffiti written on every railing on W Rd directly behind PS/IS217.
  • 645 Main Street New York, NY - Roosevelt Island

    For the past several weeks construction on the school adjacent to 2-4 River Rd has caused breathing and coughing problems for the tenants of 2-4 River Rd,

    Our screens are grey from the dust and I am personally having breathing and coughing problems daily

    I am asking for your help in seeing how this health hazard can be taken care of,

    We need clean air for breathing, and closing our windows is not the answer, nor putting on our AC which draws outside air into our apartments and also cauises families higher electric rates

    Last night I was up all night coughing and choking and spitting up phlegm

    I thought I was having a asthma attach and gave my self a breathing treatment

    This is serious

    Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to remedy this health hazard

  • 548 Main St New York, NY - Roosevelt Island
    Why is it taking months to replace retaining wall? Never more than 2 or 3 workers. This is a disgrace.
  • Tramway Plaza New York, NY - Roosevelt Island
    Some white tape like (large) graffiti on street near tram and next to Southtown. It is confusing for cars driving that way. Please remove. Has been there since this weekend. See photo.
  • 888 Main St New York, NY - Roosevelt Island
    On light on tennis court#6 is out.
    Please replace asap
  • graffiti Archived
    W Rd New York, NY 10044, USA - Roosevelt Island
    Graffiti at boat prow near octagon park
  • Graffitti Archived
    W Rd New York, NY - Roosevelt Island
    Graffitti on concrete stanchion along west seawall
  • Roosevelt Island New York, NY - Roosevelt Island
    Why is it that the subway doors are still broken? Can we at least get a status update?
  • 888 Main St New York, NY - Roosevelt Island
    Not sure what to call this... but the concrete square "vent" behind the Octagon bus stop has metal "gates" on each side of it. One of those is propped open several inches. Needs to be repaired immediately before rodents/cats/children get curious and go in there.
  • 43rd Avenue And 39th Place sunnyside, NY - Sunny Side
    The cross walk is faded on the western side of 43rd avenue. Please have it repainted.
    Thank you.
  • Main St. Roosevelt Island, NY - Roosevelt Island
    Location and design of trash bin is creating health hazard and nuisance for residents.