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  • 110 Darby St Wilmington, NC 28409, USA - Wilmington
    Once again the city or county has stopped mowing the entrance to Darby St along Greenville Loop.The weeds continue to grow so high that you have pull so far out onto Greenville Loop to see that it will soon cause an accident. I see the workers often mowing the grass up and down Greenville Loop but they seem to stop when they reach Darby St. There is also limbs in the drainage ditch that have been there for 3 monthes. Each Friday I watch the city truck that picks up limbs come through the neighborhood but they never stop to pick them up.
  • Excess signs Archived
    3621 Middle Sound Loop Rd Wilmington, NC 28411, USA - Ogden
    There are in excess of 30 "No Parking, Stopping or Standing" signs within a stones throw of the round about. It's Ugly, probably dangerous and definitely a waste of tax payer money
  • Harley Rd Wilmington, NC 28405, USA - Wilmington
    It's very dangerous driving down Harley Rd. Huge potholes are consistently created and filled in only to form again a few weeks later. It's scary driving the road when it rains, because you can't see them.The Coastal Beverage Co. drives their large trucks down the first stretch of Harley and more large vehicles are using it to access Stevenson Auto. I don't know if this can be fixed, but I'm tired of either going out of my way to reach Market from my home or dodging potholes that force me into the other lane. The first portion of Harley needs to be resurfaced. I haven't seen many roads as bad as it in this area of Wilmington.
  • Torchwood Road Wilmington, NC 28411, USA - Bayshore
    Torchwood is a busy road with no painted lines to divide lanes, it is extremely narrow, and there are ruts on each side of road. Cars are constantly over what should be the lane.
  • Bellamy Elementry School Saunders Rd. - New Hanover County
    If you ever go down Saunders Rd. at 2:30pm at the entrance to Bellamy Elementary school you will see a that there is a the worst kind of traffic. The cars picking up children are stacked on Saunders Rd. from River Road to the school. The school speed sign is invisible to the on coming cars. There is no blinking school speed sign like there is at many other NH schools. It is almost impossible to see the oncoming cars , that are speeding down Saunders Rd while trying to make a right turn after picking up the children. As a grandmother picking up my granddaughter I am fearful that someone is going to get hurt. Please help.
  • Shade Tree Ln Wilmington, NC 28412, USA - Silver Lake
    Flashing yellow turn signal needs to be corrected. Needs to tell you when you can go safely with a green turn signal. Several turn signals around Wilmington are like this. A lot of accident could be prevented.
  • 701 Inlet Acres Drive - Wilmington
    road needs repair .. why can,t the state fix my road? i pay the same taxes as people with paved roads .. i called the state ..they said if we graded it put down six inches of gravel they would come pave it?:??/i live on a 3/4 mile sand road approx 65 homes the road has gotten so bad the mail is no longer del .to my home and the paper has destroys all of our vehicles.. it is a real mess now with this rain send some one down to look at it please and help us ,, put it on the news.....thank you
  • Ogend Park Wilmington, NC - Murraysville
    The lights at Ogden tennis courts need attention! Several of the bulbs are burned out. The lighting on the front courts is terrible. I was playing a match last night and even tho the lights were on it was dark on the courts. Everyone there was one could see! Can the bulbs that are burned out be replaced? Can we get some decent lights on the old courts? The lights on the newer back courts and the lights at Empie's new courts are much, much better than these. Tennis is a big thing in NH Co and we are short on courts as it is.....can we please make the courts that we do have playable? With it getting dark earlier now, this is a big issue.
  • Intersection Of Randall And New Centre - Wilmington
    It's nearly impossible to cross the street here without getting hit. There is a painted crosswalk, but a pedestrian crosswalk light would make it a lot safer. UNCW students and people who live in the apartments along Racine need to cross here to get to the grocery store, and it ought to be safer!
  • 267-599 Harley Rd Wilmington, NC 28405, USA - Kings Grant
    This road has never been maintained properly. There have been two recent projects that impact this street and no improvements have been made.
  • 800-818 U.S. 74 Wilmington, NC 28401, USA - Wilmington
    The DOT still hasn't done enough here. They need to get off their butts and do the job they are paid to do. Paint lines, add arrows and put up signs that show the lanes shift. The signs the DOT put up show the lanes go straight, that adds to the problem.
  • Corner Of Ramgate And Barrow Castle Hayne, NC 28429, USA - Wrightsboro
    The "Ramgate Road/Barrow Street" road sign has come off the post at this corner. It has been off the post for a least a week, and needs to be re-attached.