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  • 112 Uss North Carolina Rd Wilmington, NC 28401, USA - New Hanover County
    The Battleship North Carolina is one of the biggest attractions in our state. Other than Battleship Rd., and it's entrance, the entire area looks like a DUMP!!! The State needs to spend a little money to attract more visitors. There is very little signage for visitors, trash everywhere and poorly maintained and lit areas around the entrance, off of the Thomas Rhodes bridge and the entire area. DOT and the state tourism bureau needs to ride through the area. The traffic situation has already been mentioned in another complaint.
  • 5721 Highgrove Pl Wilmington, NC 28409, USA - Myrtle Grove
    Numerous potholes at this location
  • Kure Beach NC 28449, USA - New Hanover County
    With the new traffic pattern in Carolina Beach, more people are using Dow Rd to get to Kure Beach. Also, lots of bikers use Dow Rd too. A bike land is needed on Dow Rd , or bikers should be required to go through Carolina Beach since there is a brand new bike lane there.
  • 624 Indian Wells Way Wilmington, NC 28411, USA - Murraysville
    Upon entering Gordon Woods neighborhood you come across a street length crease. It seems as if the road must have ended there while neighborhood was under construction. The crease/road has been gradually sinking over the last few years and causes quite a bump.
  • 1016 Steeplechase Rd. - Wilmington
    carriage hills we still have debris still at curb!!!! we pay high taxes and tis is how we are treated.
  • 325 Putnam Dr Wilmington, NC 28411, USA - Murraysville
    The roads in this neighborhood flood to the point where you can not drive everytime it storms.
  • 7315-7347 U.S. 17 Business Wilmington, NC 28411, USA - New Hanover County
    Sanctuary destroyed by vandals. Sheriff and investigators are on the scenee.
  • 5413 Carolyn Dr Wilmington, NC 28409, USA - Wilmington
    Whole length of Carolyn Drive was never repaired after the annexation of the 1990's though the city has moved on.We have holes, missing pavement, giant potholes, and torn up pavement there they installed the sewer 20 years ago. The mayor has ignored the please form me and my neighbors saying other needs some first.In 20 years can't they find one truck load of asphalt! Too many bad pics to upload.Just picked one.
  • U.S. 17 Business Wilmington, NC 28401, USA - New Hanover County
    I just emailed Mayor Saffo about the horrible traffic every night due to the Cape Fear Bridge closing at 7pm. This is a ridiculous situation that needs to be fixed. I understand the bridge needs to be painted, but it took us 1 hour and 15 minutes to go from Echo Farms to Waterford last night. What is going to happen tonight???? The State needs to delay the closing until at least 9pm Sunday thru Thursday and 10pm Friday and Saturday. We will not cross the bridge again in the evening for dinner, a play, a movie, or to shop as long as the bridge closes at 7pm. Please help!!!!!!!!
  • 101 Castle Cove Lane Castle Hayne Nc 28429 - Skippers Corner
    I don't know what has happened to the county roadside litter service but all the azaleas in the world couldn't make Castle Hayne road look good.
  • U.S. 17 Business Wilmington, NC 28401, USA - New Hanover County
    Please put signs up on the highway before and after the bridge that their is a stop light coming. After the bridge, people and tourist are speeding up and they dont realize that the light for 3rd street is around the corner. My parent even almost had an accidnet when they came to Wilmington to visit.
  • College Acres Drive And Racine Drive - Wilmington

    very difficult to cross Racine Drive via College Acres Drive, because of high traffic volume and heavy pedestrian traffic,

    solution: a roundabout, and or speedbumps on Racine Drive to slow traffic down,

    and a bridge for pedestrians to cross over College Acres Drive