Bushnell Park

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  • 57-83 Trinity St Hartford, CT 06103, USA - Downtown
    Graffiti + illegibility = yuck yuck
  • Parks Acknowledged
    6045 Jewell Street Hartford, CT 06103, USA - Downtown
    The pond in Bushnell Park has only one barely working fountain and thousands of pounds of leaves and debris piled up around the side collecting trash.
  • Masseek Hartford, CT 06105, USA - Downtown
    2 more bags have shown up just 1 week after the city cleaned the area up. How depressing. Is there anyway cameras are in the area to see who did it?
  • Capitol Avenue Hartford, Connecticut - Downtown
    I wanted to see if the city would look into installing a light near the foot path bridge that hugs the train tracks and crosses the I-84 on-ramp. It is a very poorly light area and with the closing of Flower Street more people are using it and once the CTfastrak opens more people should be using it also.
  • Curb Repair Archived
    106-122 Wethersfield Avenue Hartford CT 06114, USA, Hartford, Connecticut - Downtown
    2 large slabs of granite were moved during the MDC work this summer. But the granite slabs were not put back in place. The grass is going to die under them, and there is no curb.
  • W/S Bushnell Tower Driveway On Gold Street To Wells St. Hartford, CT - Downtown
    Tere is not even room for one person to walk up/down sidewalk on Gold St. from the Bushnell Tower (1 Gold St) driveway to Wells St. There is packed snow & ice underneath the "path" with walls of snow on both sides. The snow from the grassy area is now also blowing on to the sideway making more & more impassable. Do Not know who is responsible for clearing this area but it is now 48 hours after the last snowfall and more snow is predicted for tomorrow, Tuesday, Feb 18th! Please note: there is a Bus stop at the bottom of Wells St. for most of the CT Transit buses and passenger exiting must walk/run in the street w/ traffic,since they can not even attempt to get onto the sidewalk: never mind walking up the sidewalk to Gold & Main Street.
  • Parks Archived
    70-120 Jewell Street Hartford, CT 06103, USA - Downtown
    Cap on wll is teetering and in danger of falling off! Needs immediate attention! Dangerous.
  • Parks Archived
    2-58 Jewell Street Hartford, CT 06103, USA - Downtown
    Fence near pond was struck by a car last summer and has no been repaired. Please fix this and keep our park beautiful!
  • Hungerford Street Hartford, Connecticut - Downtown

    Bridge over Capitol Avenue's I-84 West entrance (parallels RR tracks) and path between Bushnell Park and the State Armory/Legislative Office Building garage is routinely neglected.

    Right now, this means a 20 ft sheet of ice that can't be walked around because it spans width of path and bridge. There is no sanding or salting of this area.

    Other times of year this is a sand pit, dangerous to cyclists. This path is part of the East Coast Greenway and a regular local cyclist route.

  • Pothole Archived
    40-88 Trinity Street Hartford, CT 06103, USA - Downtown
  • Crosswalks Archived
    2-40 Union Place Hartford, Connecticut - Downtown
    The crosswalk button on the corner in front of the Holiday Inn isn't working, it doesn't light up or beep when you hit it. The other 3 buttons seem to not work all the time either. If they could be double checked too.
  • graffitti Archived
    Trinity Street Hartford Ct - Downtown
    Graffitti on Afl CIO monument