Bushnell Park

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  • Curb Repair Archived
    2-60 Lewis Street Hartford, CT 06103, USA - Downtown
    Drain appears to have been broken at the top...now a trip hazard
  • 95 Elm St. Hartford, Connecticut - Downtown
    Tree branches hanging less than 5 feet to the ground at brownstone home 95 Elm St. Obstructs walking on the sidewalk there
  • 19 -21 Trumbull St. - Downtown
    The neighbors at 15 -17 Trumbull st., In Manchester , ct does not maintain their property, especially in the back yard which is causing a problem with tenets who complains about dead animals being thrown over fence into their yard.
  • 421-481 Asylum Street Hartford, Connecticut - Downtown
    A single streetlight + utility pole is being installed in the shoulder of Asylum Street when all the other new poles are being installed in the newly extended sidewalk. The area under the railroad bridge is the width of the new street and this pole further constricts the road and will prohibit a bike lane from being added in the future. Even if this is what the plan calls for - cant we move it? This pole endangers anyone entering the city from the west end via Asylum or Farmington. There is plenty of space for this pole on the sidewalk.
  • Street signs Archived
    Jewell St Hartford, Connecticut - Downtown
    Stop sign has been flattened and is lying on the sidewalk just outside Bushnell Park.
  • Park pond Archived
    Jewell St. Hartford, CT - Downtown
    Work was supposed to begin several days ago to drain the pond and install new pumps, etc. Nothing has happened except the fountain has been turned off. What's going on and when can we expect some progress?
  • Graffiti Acknowledged
    407-419 Asylum Street Hartford, CT 06103, USA - Downtown
    Some inconsiderate POS graffiti'd the newly constructed brownstone wall across from Union Station.
  • TRASH Archived
    39-41 Hazel St HARTFORD, CT - Downtown
  • rats Archived
    Bushnell Park Hartford, CT - Downtown
    rats running between pond and carousel
  • Parks Archived
    Trumbull And Jewell Streets Hartford, Connecticut - Downtown

    Can someone tell the neighbors of Bushnell Park when Jewell Street will be cleared of construction vehicles and traffic cones? There are many days when little or no work seems to be accomplished. Thumbs-up to the iQuilt, but this project has to have an end.

    On a happier note, it's nice to see the Corning Fountain back in action. My thanks to those responsible!

  • Parks Acknowledged
    60 Elm Street Hartford, CT 06106, USA - Downtown
    Audible water leaking in exterior metal cabinet of pump house and water visibly pooling around the perimeter
  • Trash/Litter Archived
    1-57 Jewell St Hartford, CT 06103, USA - Downtown
    Garbage still in the pond in Bushnell Park!