K Street Transitway

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This is the area for a proposed K Street transitway that would include dedicated bus lanes and possibly bike lanes. RK&K, a consulting firm working on the project with D.C., is accepting comments. What do you want to see on K Street?

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  • 900 Through 400 Block Of G Street NE 20002, Washington D.C., DC - Golden Triangle Improvement District
    I live on the 700 block of G Street, NE. Every morning commuters turn off of H Street, NE onto G to avoid traffic and speed through residential streets. There's an elementary school at the corner of 7th & G Street & the commuters speed through this area at the risk of hitting children. It's very dangerous in the mornings. -There needs to be speed humps erected from 10th & G. to 6th & G. in order to protect the children walking to school in this area & slow the commuters down. They don't make concessions to the fact they've turned off of H into a residential area where the speed is considerably slower.
  • 1001 New Hampshire Ave Nw Washington, DC 20037, USA - Foggy Bottom

    Drivers are constantly running the red light for the turn onto New Hampshire Ave here. It is a danger to pedestrians who already have a very short time to cross.

    Perhaps police should sit at this intersection and ticket all offenders. Would make way more money than parking enforcement.

  • 1115 12th St Nw Washington, DC - Logan Circle
    Throughout the District, there are signs warning drivers to not block the box. My home commute path takes me up 12 Street and across Mass Ave. Every day, between the hours of 4:30 and 6:00, which is the range during which I've experienced this issue, drivers along Mass Ave will block the box, not allowing drivers along 12th Street to cross over Mass Ave. Often, I have to wait 2-4 light cycles in order to get past cars that continue to drive down Mass Ave, even when they have no room to do so. I would be immensely satisfied if I were to see a TCO at this intersection during my home commute this afternoon. And perhaps doing this on a regular basis would alleviate the blocking the box issues, as I am aware that this is a ticketable offense. Thank you in advance.
  • Massachusetts Ave NW & 12th Street, NW, Washington D.C., DC - Logan Circle
    During rush hours, especially in the evening, cars driving east on Mass Ave, NW block the box at 12th St, NW. This issue is partially due to the complicated intersection at 11th & Mass and short traffic light cycles. Excessive honking and compromised pedestrian safety in the crosswalks (especially for nearby school children) are a daily nuisance. Traffic flow needs to be managed by a crossing guard.
  • Pavement Repair Acknowledged
    1100 18th Street Nw Washington D.C., DC - Golden Triangle Improvement District
    Pavement in 18th Street NW (DC) between K and M street is in very bad shape. Thousands of bikes use this route daily to go north from business downtown towards other locations, and are specially in danger because the state of the pavement in the street road. An urgent re-pavement or partial fixing is needed.
  • 1108-1126 12th Street Northwest Washington, DC - Logan Circle
    Three lanes Northbund on 12th at Mass...Left land must turn left, center lane turns left or goes straight, right lane must turn right. Trouble is 80% of the vehicles in right lane go straight, then having to merge with the middle lane into one traffic lane on 12th all the while a bike lane appears. What's more, DDOT traffic personnel allow this to even happen at rush hour, thus blocking the intersection. The right turn needs to be changed or enforced.
  • 2100-2498 U.S. 29 Washington D.C., DC 20037, USA - West End
    There needs to be either a stop sighn or a Pedestration right of way sign at this intersection. Cars flight up to enter the enter the circle and DO NOT stop or look for pedestrians. I have almost been hit numerous times trying to cross, many times I am in the middle of the iof the intersection/crosswalk when a car has to slam on his brakes not to hit me. It is REALLY dangerous
  • 1117-1199 10th St Nw Washington, DC 20001, USA - Mount Vernon Triangle
    This is outrageous. Mount Vernon Plaza or a local business leaves its massive trash bin in the alley between M and L Streets on 10th Street NW. It blocks traffic and MUST GO NOW. This must be a fire hazard and thus a violation. This a public alley...not the alley of this trash container's owner. PLEASE REMOVE IT!
  • 12th St Nw Washington, DC - Logan Circle
    Due to severe traffic congestion and intricate traffic light cycles at nearby 11th & Mass, vehicles consistently block the box at 12th & Mass and obstruct pedestrian walkways during evening rush hour. Pedestrians (including nearby school children) often have to walk in the box to cross Mass Ave. and cars on 12th cannot proceed north because east-bound vehicles on Mass block the box. Traffic guard and/or police presence desperately needed!
  • 10th Street Nw & K Street Nw Washington , DC - Mount Vernon Triangle
    K street going eastward turns into one way at 10th street. I have seen so many cars run right through and numerous near accidents. Signage is confusing since there is numerous signs about pedestrians. I think a do not enter sign located at a higher eye level.
  • Streetlight Timing Acknowledged
    16th St And K St Nw Washington, DC - Golden Triangle
    There is a streetlight located on the NE corner of 16th and K St that has a timing issue; it is also missing its base cover
  • Sidewalk Repair Acknowledged
    817-899 23rd St Nw Washington D.C., DC 20037, USA - Foggy Bottom
    There is a huge collapse in the sidewalk just next to a large storm drain at the northeast corner of 23rd and I, just across from the Metro station on the opposite side. Someone has wisely put a GWU trashcan in the hole to mark it for pedestrians. It has been this way for months. The hole is 3 feet by 3 feet and is 2 feet deep and is very dangerous.