Houston's Washington Corridor

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Watching issues created after: 2010-10-13

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  • 100 Waugh Drive Houston, TX - Rice Military
  • 5203 Feagan St Houston, TX 77007, USA - Rice Military
    At intersection of Feagan and Reinerman residents are parking nearly completely in the street on Reinerman. This creates a very dangerous situation when turning onto Reinerman. I have witnessed and been in a few accident near misses involving pedestrians and other traffic. It is only a matter of time before accident occurs. Please institute this area as a no parking zone before this causes injury or fatality. A few no parking signs from the city could save a life.
  • Drainage Acknowledged
    6003 Hamman St Houston 77007, United States - Rice Military
    Ditches do NOT drain the water! Proper storm sewers need to be installed, current infrastructure is insufficient. Water is inside my home. This happens very often even under minimal rain. Please. Please stop making our homes flood. Please finally fix this issue at our intersection! We have all reported it countless numbers of times and even appeared on the news several times. Please finally fix this. It’s been long enough of this simple fix being avoided.
  • City Engineer Acknowledged
    6003 Hamman St Houston 77007, United States - Rice Military
    The ditches constantly overflow and flood our homes at this intersection. The city has acknowledged there is poor infrastructure but has not done anything to remedy our constant flooding during minimal rain. We have reported this constant issue innumerable amounts of times with not attempt to remedy water entering our homes from the lack of water flow in the drains.
  • Flooding Acknowledged
    6003 Hamman St Houston 77007, United States - Rice Military
    Street constantly floods due to poor infrastructure. Drainage ditches in front of home do not connect to ditch across the street and causes a backup of water and flooding of homes at this intersection. Water currently inside home. This is constant even with minimal rain. I have repeatedly report on here and to news stations and the city still has yet to acknowledge and fix the constant unnecessary flooding here!
  • 5680 Memorial Drive Houston, Texas - Rice Military
    The right and middle lanes of 5600 Memorial *westbound* have a pronounced buckling which creates a ski-jump. This is particularly dangerous for westbound vehicles in the right lane attempting to brake and turn north onto Malone St.
  • 5318 Center St. Houston, Texas - Rice Military

    Owner violated the following Public Works Red Tag posted on a tree located on the property at 5318 Center St.

    “Obtain permits for unpermitted parking lot, no use is allowed until permits are obtained and all inspections are approved and finalized."

    Unpermitted commercial parking lot activity took place on Saturday, March 25th beginning at 10:30 P.M.

  • Flooding Acknowledged
    1220 Malone St Houston, TX 77007, USA - Rice Military
    Any significant amount of rain causes serious flooding at the intersection of Malone and Schuler. Road/drainage not graded properly, and water doesn't flow to the proper drainage ditches. This causes this intersection to flood more than some of the others in the immediate vicinity.
  • EXTREME FLOODING Acknowledged
    1603 Cohn Street Houston, Texas - Rice Military
    Extreme flooding due to poor, outdated drainage system. Issue needs to be fixed by the city ASAP.
  • 1110 Studer Street Houston, Texas - Rice Military
    illegal parking on lot designated for residential homes/construction. Lot at corner of nett and center. Drivers are being charged and then instructed to self park. The traffic flow and additional noise is disruptive to the neighborhood.
  • City Engineer Archived
    5318 Center St Houston, TX 77007, USA - Rice Military
    Owner of adjacent lot on 5318 Center St. uses his property to park cars for bar patrons on Washington Ave. for overflow bar parking for Clutch Bar on Friday and Saturday nights. Charges $10 per car and cars encroach onto city alley way without a safety barrier for houses nearby. One car has already hit my house leaving a trailer hitch hole in my siding. Bar patrons leave after bars close after a night of drinking.
  • 506-510 Jackson Hill Street Houston, TX 77007, USA - Rice Military
    Garbage on sidewalks. Has been here for years. Blocks the walkway and people have to walk in the street.