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State House Neighborhood Association

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  • 37 Jewett Street Providence, RI - Smith Hill
    Street lamp light is out.
  • Goddard Street Providence, RI - Smith Hill
    During the winter months, the speed bumps that were on Goddard Street were damaged and then removed. They need to be repaired and replaced because of the immediate danger to the children living on the street. Cars drive down the street of speeds close to 40-50 mph, while children as young as three years old are outside on the sidewalks. Please take this request into consideration for the safety of the youth living on Goddard Street.
  • Intersection Of Holden And Jewett Streets Providence, RI - Smith Hill
    There is a very large and growing divot at the intersection of Holden and Jewett streets where the pavement appears to be caving in. The cause is probably incessant digging and repaving at that location. The divot is dangerous to both pedestrians and cars, and it should be repaired asap.
  • Across Jewett Street From House 24 on highway embankment but facing dead end - Smith Hill
    The street light here has been dark for more than one year. Repeated complaints to councilman have resulted in no improvement.
  • 142-150 Bath St Providence, RI 02908, USA - Smith Hill
    this graffiti has been here for over a month. It is on one of the most visible facades on Smith St and is highly emnbarrasing to the Smith Hill neighborhood.
  • Orms & Candace Providence, RI - Smith Hill
    This seems to be a chronic pothole that never gets fixed
  • 537 Chalkstone Ave Providence, RI 02908, USA - Smith Hill
    neighborhood looks terrible with this graffiti.
  • 73 Holden Street Providence, RI - Smith Hill

    Within the past three (3) weeks there's been an increase in rat and mice activity. Mice droppings under sink (being taken care of) and rats out during the day. Mice come inside when rat population increases, forcing rats to seek food during daylight hours.

    H e l p!

  • 395 Promenade St Providence, RI - Smith Hill
    Graffiti obscures the directional signs. Hard to read hospital sign. All over nearby boxes.
  • 72 Jewett St Providence, RI 02908, USA - Smith Hill
    An old garage collapsed in the lot of two old mill houses on Jewett Street this winter. Most of the resultant debris has not been removed by the property owner. It is hazardous and a blight, and it has been this way for months.
  • 148 Bath St Providence, RI - Smith Hill
    The tenants do not take their trash barrels off the sidewalk. There are three there now overflowing and trash day in not until Friday. This is an offense by statue subject to fine and it happens each week. There is also trash everywhere on the property.