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State House Neighborhood Association

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  • 78 Ayrault St Providence, RI - Smith Hill
  • 90 Ayrault St Providence, RI - Smith Hill
  • 87-149 Providence Pl Providence, RI 02903, USA - Smith Hill

    This street has been patched following utility work, and it has developed potholes. The City keeps temporarily patching them, but what is actually needed is repair. It's a high traffic area, leading to the Mall.

    Update: Most of the problem has been fixed (thank you), but NOT the long, sunken patch that starts just before the first highway overpass, after the end of Harris Avenue. This should be fixed to prevent cars from swerving out of their lane when they encounter it.

  • Holden St Between Promenade And Smith Streets Providence, RI 02908, USA - Smith Hill

    Update: the edges of the patches have begun to erode into potholes, pavement is uneven, huge sunken divots make driving challenging, and the street is heavily travelled as a cut through by those seeking to avoid the mall.

    Original: Lower Holden Street (between Smith and Promenade) has been dug up and patched so many times that the following conditions exist: huge patched divots causing cars to bottom out; potholes; frost heaves; cracked pavement. The entire street should be repaved as soon as possible. Also, parking laws are not enforced, making driving difficult.

  • U.S. 44 Providence, RI 02908, USA - Smith Hill

    **Update: This obviously will not become an issue again until next fall, but it should be researched (who is responsible) and fixed before then.

    Original message: Many, many pedestrians use the Smith Street overpass over 95 to get to the train station, mall, or State House. However, no one ever clears the ice and snow from the sidewalks. Several times this winter I saw people slip and fall on the ice/ snow, and sometimes this forced pedestrians into the more dangerous street. The City should clear this area as a matter of public safety, even if the state is technically responsible. Thank you.

  • 114 Holden St Providence, RI 02908, USA - Smith Hill
    There was a fire in the garage of an SRO on the corner of Smith and Holden Streets over a month ago. A melted trash can and several burnt doors have been left on the street for weeks, and are neither picked up by trash haulers nor disposed of by the owner.
  • 148 Bath St Providence, RI - Smith Hill
    Tenants don't bring trash bins in back of the house and property manager will not act, despite being informed that this is an on-going issue. Please cite this for a violation as it a finable offense.
  • Corner Of Orms St. And Douglas Ave Providence, RI 02908, USA - Smith Hill
    One of the stop signs at this bridge construction site is pointing the wrong direction, so that only 1 out of the 3 directions of crossing traffic actually has a stop sign. Dangerous!
  • 88 Holden St Providence, RI - Smith Hill
    We have been waiting for months for the street light to be fixed between our house and 86 Holden St. The rest of the street is fine and well lit.
  • 434 Smith Street Providence, RI 02908, USA - Smith Hill
    The delayed and relatively short green light for eastbound traffic on Smith St. at the Smith/Chalkstone intersection causes chronic traffic backups. Most mornings, when I take my daughter to school, the traffic is backed up all the way to Oakland.
  • Trash pile up Archived
    101 Ruggles Street Providence, RI 02908, USA - Smith Hill
    Trash is piled up 3+ ft high and is undoubtedly causing an infestation of rats. It's absolutely disgusting
  • 377 Orms Street Providence, RI 02908, USA - Smith Hill
    The trash at 382 orms is constantly left out, rats have been seen around the home. They have been red tagged in the past for this violation and it seemed to serve as absolutely no deterrent in anyway