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  • watervliet, NY - Watervliet
    Only way to get there new GLOBAL FOUNDRIES Plant or the malls, by bus is to travel via Schenectady which would take one and half hours to go 12 miles. How does one get a job in the plant or the malls without a car when there is no bus route?
  • 1303 10th Ave watervliet, New York - Albany County
    House has been abandoned and is becoming completely overgrown, and is frequently broken into by kids.
  • 140 Old Loudon Rd Latham, NY 12110, USA - Latham

    The KFC on Kunker Ave. burned down around 2004. Why is this eyesore still not rebuilt? The lot is absolutely disgusting! There is garbage and grafitti all over the place! People think they can just dump all of their garbage all over the place and it's an absolute shambles! The entire lot is overgrown, and the building's roof looks like it's about to collapse at any moment!

    Why should it take more than 6 years to rebuild a building after it burns down in this town? Probably because the Town of Colonie is dragging its feet as usual, with all its bureaucratic rules and regulations.

    Then again, the Town of Colonie is probably making out like a bandit and doesn't care anyway, because KFC is probably getting fined for all this time that the store is not opened. Or are they? Does anybody know? What is UP with all this apathy about business around here?!?!

    Let's get something presentable built here SOON! Let's get New York State back to WORK again!!!

  • 568-570 New York 155 Latham, NY 12110, USA - Latham
    This location is in desperate need of a left turn lane and signal.
  • Adirondack Northway Latham, NY 12110, USA - Latham
    The merge lane going to I-87 northbound from Alternate Route 7 is too short and commonly causes backups at peak travel times. Could easily be extended another 500-1000 feet.
  • State Highway 7 Colonie, NY 12110, USA - Latham
    So many drivers wanting to get on the Northway from Rt 7 drive past the slowed traffic and jut into the off ramp through the median between the ramp and the remaining part of Alt Rt 7. Put a barrier so these drivers get in line like the rest of us and stop causing accidents due to others having to stop quickly.
  • 290 Old Loudon Rd - Latham
    Traffic light needed at intersection NEw Loudon Plaza access Rd with Old Loudon Rd
  • Speeder Archived
    1 Kelshawn Ct Latham, NY 12110, USA - Latham
    Cops' kid speeds up and down the road every day....
  • 97 Forts Ferry Rd Latham, NY 12110, USA - Latham

    The traffic light on Forts Ferry Road in front of the elementary school frequently disrupts traffic due operating by timer rather than by sensor. All day long, and all year long, whether school is in session or not, the light follows its 30-second routine of stopping traffic along Forts Ferry Road. There are often cars on Forts Ferry that must sit there and wait while no traffic is turning into or out of the school or the side street (Elinor Pl) across from it.

    Ideally, this light would only stop traffic on Forts Ferry Road when a waiting vehicle is detected at the school or side street. During the summer and winter school breaks, it should probably be a flashing yellow light facing Forts Ferry, and a flashing red light facing the school and Elinor Pl.

  • 298 Troy Schenectady Rd 12110, NY - Latham
    298 ts rd is a major dump, i tell people who havent been to my house " turn at the abandond building". there is so much blight in latham area. the circle has not been maintained in years. latham is starting to look like detroit.
  • Rt. 9 & 9r Latham, NY 12110 - Latham
    There is a yield sign from Rt. 9 North turning right onto 9R heading to Cohoes. When coming off Alt. Rt 7 and crossing Rt. 9 straight on to 9R, cars should yield to my car so I can get in the lane I need to be in to turn right on to Old Loudon Rd. Same goes for turning left on to 9R from Rt. 9 coming south. 95% of the cars pull right through the yield sign, not even slowing down causing me to slam on my breaks and try to squeeze in so I can turn right on to Old Loudon Rd. Why doesn't anyone slow down or yield to traffic? What can be done to fix this?
  • Forts Ferry Road Latham, NY 12110, USA - Latham

    Forts Ferry is a very narrow heavy traffic road without sidewalks along most of its length.

    Adults and children would like to walk/bike along this road, but it is unsafe (e.g. to reach the Mohawk bike trail).

    Both for safety reasons and to encourage a healthy walking/biking lifestyle (because this road connects the Mohawk with the new shopping areas, e.g. Target store) it would be of great benefit to make this road more pedestrian friendly.

    It might also encourage more business into the Latham Farms area.