greater roscoe area

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    3401-3413 North Ravenswood Avenue Chicago, IL 60657, USA - Lake View
    This storm sewer is blocked, and the entire intersection gets flooded when it rains.
  • 3338-3398 North Wolcott Avenue Chicago, Illinois - North Center
    Every time it rains, this is what Roscoe and Walcott looks like. People have to walk about half a block, in the street, to get around it. This photo doesn't even show it at its worst. How do we got this problem solved?
  • 2001 N Clybourn Chicago, Illinois - Chicago Ward 43
    A huge pothole at the entrance to an alley. This hole has been here for months with loose "boulders" rocking in the pit. It is deep enough for a car to bottom out passing through it.
  • 1948 W Henderson St Chicago, IL 60657, USA - North Center
    Dangerous hole right where people step out of their cars.
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    1940-1942 West Roscoe Street Chicago, IL 60657, USA - North Center
    Standing water in the street. Sewage not going down the drain. Smells foul.
  • 2211 W. Roscoe Chicago/Cook, Illinois - North Center
    21 buildings along W. Roscoe and Bell between School and Cornelia have been "tagged". Most look like graffiti, done with black spray paint, but some are white and green, and include the logo of the Latin Kings drug gangs.
  • 1800-1898 West Roscoe Street Chicago, IL 60657, USA - North Center
  • 1415-1427 W Webster Ave Chicago, IL 60614, USA - Lincoln Park
    Pot hole on north bound traffic side of clyborn in pedestrian walkway. Pot hole is 8 inches in diameter but several feet deep winding through the ground. A larger collapse of asphalt is a potential problem.
  • 3401-3417 North Wolcott Avenue Chicago, IL 60657, USA - North Center
    This large and deep pothole is in the middle of the intersection, cars hit it consistently in all directions.
  • 1100 W Belmont Ave Chicago, IL - Chicago Ward 44
    lakeview is always bad for traffic and people walking across the major streets and My Block is very busy for vehicle and foot traffic. There should be a CROSS WALK on the corner of N Seminary Ave and Belmont Ave
  • 3437 North Damen Avenue Chicago, IL 60612, USA - North Center
    Depression is middle of the street is getting deeper and deeper. Buses and other large vehicles have almost gone airborne. Total cave in possible if not looked at immediately
  • 2000-2030 North Magnolia Avenue Chicago, Illinois - Chicago Ward 43
    Orange crosswalk pad with bumps is broken and loose. No longer fixed to sidewalk.