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  • 103 Bishop St New Haven, CT 06511 - Bishop-Hine
    I often see, or hear, the big blue and white Yale school bus flying up Bishop Street with the pedal to the medal. The bus screams by, both in speed and sound, revving its engine flying up to Orange Street as if it was heading to YNHH with someone in labor. If a child or person who'd been drinking too much happened to wander into the road, ferget it! Two points for that driver. I tried to tell a cop who was parked on Bishop when I got home tonight, but no one was in the cruiser at the time. I think NHPD oughta park themselves with a speed detector and ticket whoever's racing up and down our streets.
  • 129 Edwards St New Haven, CT - Bishop-Hine
    During the evening and morning hours Yale Shuttle Buses (orange line) park in front of St. Joseph's Church and idle for 15 minutes at a time. It's disruptive to local residents and a source of both noise and air pollution. Yale should address this.
  • 88-168 Canner St New Haven, CT 06511, USA - East Rock
    Concerned about the amount of speeding on Canner Street, specifically the stretch between Nicoll St. and Whitney Ave. Many people use the street as an alternative to Willow and/or Cold Spring, and I have been nearly hit at least once. Also, the Yale Shuttle speeds, and is too wide for the street. I see NHPD using Canner street very frequently, and am concerned that they too have gotten caught up in the frenzy.
    Please slow down if you're cutting through on Canner! Sightlines are a pain around here, too. Kids are tough to spot with all the parked cars.
  • 180 York Street New Haven, CT 06511, USA - Downtown
    There is a very important set of spot lights out at a Yale Shuttle Bus Stop that is directly across the street from the A&A Building in front of the Yale Art Gallery on York Street. The whole area around the bus stop is completely dark now due to the fact that the dual lights are not working. Needs to be fixed ASAP for safety reasons.
  • Yale Shuttle Archived
    113 Lawrence New Haven, Connecticut - East Rock
    Reporting: Yale shuttle just drove by 113 Lawrence, broke my side mirror. Supervisor OAKLEY hung up on me three times--he needed a shuttle number. I do not have it because the street was dark. Will YALE take responsibility?
  • 121 Canner Street New Haven, CT 06511, USA - East Rock
    This California plate Toyota is been parked in the middle of Canner street for over a week!!! It is also on the odd side and should have been towed yesterday for the parking ban!!! What are we doing??? The Yale shuttle bus is having trouble going by too!! This is ridiculous!!!
  • 362 Orange St New Haven, CT - Town_Green

    The crosswalk at Orange and Audubon has the same issues as the crosswalk at Lincoln and Trumbull: traffic coming off the Trumbull Street exit and speeding through New Haven streets. There is a badly faded crosswalk painted on Orange Street but drivers flagrantly accelerate past pedestrians in the crosswalk daily. Just this morning 4 cars and a Yale Shuttle drove through the crosswalk *while I was crossing*. To make matters worse, the cars were pulling out into oncoming traffic to pass the Yale Shuttle.

    I cross this intersection at all times of the day, and what scares me more than the speed of traffic is that the drivers do not even see me. They are so focused on the Orange/Grove light, even when it's red, that they never notice their surroundings and drive like they're in a funnel on the interstate.

    The worst times are the morning rush hour with traffic traveling on Orange from Trumbull toward Grove. In the evening, that pattern reverses at to be cars traveling on Orange from Grove toward Trumbull.

    This is incredibly dangerous. Pedestrians both young and old cross here for the housing authority, ACES, and the law firms on Audubon. Please! Add this intersection to this spring's Must-Repaint list, add some police presence especially in the morning rush hour, and consider it for a raised crosswalk!

  • 279 Mansfield St New Haven, CT 06511 - Prospect Hill
    The Yale Shuttle bus flies up Mansfield street, as if it weren't a huge vehicle travelling a narrow, pedestrian and residential street.
  • Canner St And Orange St New Haven, CT 06511 - East Rock
    This intersection needs a traffic light. Both Orange St. and Canner St. are major thoroughfares for this area. There's considerable pedestrian traffic too, including people disembarking from the Yale Shuttle Orange Line stop. I have seen so many near misses - this is a fatality waiting to happen.
    3 months ago I saw a big car collision here (one car pulled in front of one barreling down Orange St) as I was riding along Orange on my bike. Today I watched as a couple + dog tried to cross the intersection while cars converged and cut in from every direction. To add to the danger, visibility was reduced on both sides thanks to a minivan parked on a no-parking spot on the SW corner of the intersection and a UPS truck on the other side. Even w/o them it would have been difficult to cross given the high speed and sheer volume of cars coming on Orange St.
  • 93 Cottage St New Haven, CT - East Rock
    Why is it that the drivers of these buses can just stop in the middle of the road to pick up students or who ever they are..Pull over or at least use a signal light to let the people behind you know what the @#$% you are doing..This is so annoying,I hope someone can address this with Yale if they need drivers let me know i know I can drive with respect for other drivers
  • 308-362 Willow Street New Haven, CT - East Rock
    At 1.15 this afternoon, Blue Line bus 29 ran a red light and came distressingly close to plowing into a friend of mine, who was walking with me -- we were both walking our toddlers home from nursery school, and had waited a ludicrously long time for the light to change so that we could cross safely. Having WAITED for the light, we then had the life scared out of us by having the Yale Shuttle barrel through the red light, honking his horn at us. Clearly this intersection needs serious help to improve pedestrian safety... and the Yale shuttle driver needs to be reminded to not go through red lights.
  • 444 Orange St New Haven, CT 06511 - East Rock
    yale shuttle # 90 sped up to pass two cyclists ( on orange before the bike lane starts; there is not enough room to pass safely, but especially because we were passing a parked school bus). the driver was speeding too fast to notice he/she was ignoring a pedestrian at the in-street crosswalk sign, then ran a red light at orange and humphrey. (approx 11:50 a.m.) truly a trifecta of bad driving, if you will.