ANC 4C06

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  • 953 Randolph Street Northwest Washington, DC 20011, USA - Petworth
    Sewer gutter has become dislodged and is now open. Children and animal s are in immediate danger of falling in.
  • Graffiti Removal Acknowledged
    4001-4045 Kansas Ave Nw Washington, DC 20011, USA - Petworth
    White tennis shoes thrown around wires hanging from utility poles on the east side, 4000 blk of Kansas Ave. NW. Shoes on power lines are often indicative of drug sales and activity and sometimes advertise drug sales.
  • Insects Archived
    1323 Taylor Street Northwest Washington, DC 20011, USA - Petworth
    Huge yellow jackets flying around on front lawn of this vacant(?) property. Coming from opening on front of porch (crawl space).
  • 923 Randolph St Nw Washington, DC - Petworth
    Rat burrows in the hill behind the Wendy's.
  • Taylor And 13th Nw washington, dc - Petworth

    For the past 5 years (or longer) there is a significant, bone-rattling dip on taylor street, just west of 13th. It's unavoidable, as it takes up most of the block from side to side. It also involves a manhole. It appears maintenance was done there involving the sever system, but the road was never repaired. Like I said, I moved to the area in March 2006, and it already existed then.

    THe city repaved the street and now the situation is worse because the manhole cover is a good three inches lower than everything else. The manhole needs to be raised flush with the street paving.

  • 3826-3898 Kansas Avenue Northwest Washington, DC 20011, USA - Petworth
    With the addition of the new Safeway and expanding retail/food options on Georgia Ave, Randolph St is one of the most littered streets in Petworth. Its proximity to the metro also means that it's heavily trafficked by people walking between Georgia Ave & 14th St. We desperately need a trash can at the intersections of Kansas Ave & Randolph St and Randolph St & 10th St. MPD recently did a neighborhood clean-up here and was amazed at the amount of trash.
  • 933 Randolph St Nw Washington, DC 20011, USA - Petworth
  • 3829 10th Street Northwest Washington, District of Columbia - Petworth
    The storm drain on the se corner of 10th & Randolph is badly damaged and a safety hazard. Please repair.
  • 3620 Rock Creek Church Road Northwest Washington, DC 20010, USA - Petworth
  • 3699 Georgia Ave Nw Washington, DC 20010-1641, United States - Park View
    Multiple vehicles on sidewalk at ga Ave metro station, including personal vehicles. Blocking access for wheelchairs, no Ada compliance. Move these vehicles to the street!
  • 3842 Kansas Ave Nw Washington, DC 20011 - Petworth
    Several weeks ago, the city removed older trees. New trees (2) need to be put in as replacements
  • Rat Abatement Archived
    3731 9th Street Northwest Washington, DC 20010, USA - Petworth
    backward is infested with rats and rat burrows.....presence of dog feces attracts rats and gives them a constant food source. issue reported to health department and humane society, problem persists.