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  • 6916 Independence Pkwy Plano, TX 75023, USA - Plano
    It's been two weeks since the winds blew this pole almost over into our neighbors' back yards. Oncor has driven by twice, looked, but has not stopped to fix it.
  • huge pot hole Archived
    Preston Meadow Dr Plano, TX - Plano
    large area of broken concrete; sinking asphalt; continually being undermined and worsened by floodwaters
  • Ridgeview At Coit Rd Plano, TX 75023 - Plano
    On Ridgeview on either side of Coit, one or two bicycles doesn't seem to trigger the traffic light, and because ther is no crosswalk, there is no way to trigger it.
  • 5000 Whitestone Lane Plano, Texas - Plano
    The streetlights along Whitestone Ln are never lit up, not even when it's very dark out. I don't know if the timers need to be reset for Fall/Winter or what, but I can't walk down that street after 8 or so. Let me know if this is the apartment's responsibility and I will take it up with them.
  • 4689 Gentry Drive Plano, Texas - Plano
    street light burnt out
  • 6289-6367 Windcrest Drive Plano, Texas - Plano
    The street lights on Windcrest Dr, from Spring Creek to at least the north (back) entrance to Creekside Homes in Legacy, are out. They went out during a storm a few days ago and have not come back on.
  • 2018 Wrotham Ln Allen, TX - Kittyhawk
    This morning, we discovered a graffiti saying "Cypert" on the brick wall directly facing opposite of our garage door. It has an image of an egg-like person. Please clean it. It also has a sign of 4 or something like that.
  • 1101 Jackson Drive - Plano

    Jackson Elementary School has several Crosswalks (maybe 3) that are very old and deeply faded. Cars speed through unnoticed placing children at risk of being hit

    School Crosswalks Need to be Re-Painted

  • 923 Custer Rd Plano, TX 75025 - Plano
    Portion of the retaining wall is down along Custer Road across from Wilson MS due to a previously downed power line.
  • Northbound Hwy 121 Service Road At Parkwood - Plano

    The city of Plano either needs to drive out and see the REAL problem or find someone who can.

    Start at northbound Hwy 121 service raod at Spring Creek and take the service road all the way to Coit and explain why the drivers on the service road every a red light at every traffic signal.

  • 2574 W 15th St Plano, TX 75075 - Plano
    When I'm driving home from work, after 6PM, the school zone lights are flashing in the east-bound direction. When I get to the other side of the school zone, I look backward and the west-bound signals are not flashing.
  • Mission Ridge Rd Plano, TX - Plano
    Cars go way too fast on Mission Ridge Rd.