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  • Sw 1st Ave Miami, FL 33130 - Downtown
    There is a need for a traffic light to allow for safe pedestrian traffic into the Metrorail and bus station. Those crossing SW 1st Ave have to avoid zooming automobiles. Quite dangerous - somtimes there is 10 people running accross the street. Perhaps a pedestrian activated light would be appropriate.
  • Sw 57th Ave Coral Gables, FL - Coral Gables
    Kids and families walking to David Fairchild school use this crosswalk from 7:45 to 8:30 am and 2-3:30 pm on weekdays - the button for walk signal can take a long time to change the light so many people don't bother to use the button. This could be fixed by making the signal more immediate to the button push. Also there are two crossing guards at the end of Fairchild basically just directing traffic while the folks trying to cross the busiest road in the area, Red Rd. are left trying their chances against traffic. If the school district/city can't come up with another guard then they should move one of those two to the Red Rd. crossing.
  • 498 95th Street Surfside, FL 33154, USA - Surfside
    The new stop sign by the 95th St Circle is inside the bushes and too far back. Should be moved for visibility. People don't see it or expect it. They are flying through. It's inside a property line vs. out on the curb. Maybe bright painted crosswalks will help us.
  • 14325 Collins Ave FL 33154 - US Congressional District FL20
    I would love to have the poster on this shelter, is from Ricardo Arjona1s concert, His concert was in AAA in july 31 and i see his poster everyday, when i pass on the H bus, please can i have it? he is from my country Guatemala, conctact me please!!!!!!!!
  • 935 10th Street Miami Beach, FL 33139 USA - Miami Beach
    Need for the roll out of smart meters in every household and business, so that people can better monitor and manage their energy consumption.
  • 277 Miracle Mile Coral Gables FL 33134 - Coral Gables
    Every day it is difficult for me and my coworkers to get to/from work because of cars parked at the start of the alley by the Credit Union on Salzedo. People block the alley while going into that business and constantly threaten traffic. I have seen many almost-accidents and quite a few actual ones, too. One day, I approached an officer parked in the alley only a few feet from an offending car with regard to this issue. The response I received was that parking issues were not in the police department's jurisdiction -- only the meter maids can give tickets to these cars. Something needs to be done. I suggest having a parking official periodically check this area at various times throughout each day; the city may very well see a nice rise in parking ticket income that could be amassed by policing this area!
  • 1201 Ne 149 St miami/dade, FL - Golden Glades
    There's a bus stop near this area with NO benches or street lights can get very dangerous..because of the lack of lights...people assume that its OK to run the traffic light because you'll barely be able to see there licence plates
  • Us1 And 42nd Avenue Coral Gables, FL - Coral Gables
    I spent 15 minutes stuck at the light trying to make a left from us1 onto 42 ave. it's one of the busiest lights and the arrow doesn't even work.
  • 533-535 West Ave Miami Beach, FL 33139, USA - Miami Beach
    This entire lot between West Avenue and Alton Road, and 6th Street and 5th Street has been under construction since 2000. Nothing has ever been installed here, nothing has been built, or ANY construction commenced. All we have had is 11 years of exposed rebar. It's the first thing many tourists see when coming into South Beach, and you'd think from a "life-blood tourist business" aspect someone would want to fix this. I realize someone owns this land, and obviously doesn't have any money to build. At the very least, the owner should pay to cut all the rebar out, tear down the fence and plant grass.
  • 18543 W Dixie Hwy Miami, FL 33180, USA - Ojus
    Traffic light on the corner of miami gardens and west dixie highway takes extremely long and it causes problems with the railroad track next to the street and ojus elementary. Cars tend to block incoming traffic cause they try to beat the light cause it takes so long. I think if they fix the time on that light traffic will flow better and not cause HELL when school is out and train is passing thru. Thank u in advance for looking into this!!!!
  • 317-409 Southwest 15th Road Miami, FL - Downtown
    THere is a left lane only turn from east bound SW 15 Rd onto SW 3rd ave that is always occupied illegally by cars either continuing straight on sw 15 rd or making sight left onto Sw 13 St.
    It's busy intersection without a traffic light and with speeding cars and a turn that prevents clear view of the road and oncoming traffic and needs a light or traffic cones to keep cars making a left turn only make that turn onto SW3 rd ave .
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    9540 Byron Avenue Surfside, FL 33154, USA - Surfside
    The one hour parking for non residents is violated daily. Construction workers, and other visitors to the business district park all day for free in our residential district. In the evening to go to restaurants. On the weekend to the Shul and beach. Byron from 95th to 96th. Please enforce as posted. Thank you.