larry's quinnipiac ave.

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looking for other houses in area experiencing theft or break ins.

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  • 974 Quinnipiac Ave New Haven, CT 06513 - Fair Haven Heights
    long-abandoned condos an eyesore, and developer gets away w/ leaving it lie fallow. They should be refurbished and opened now or torn down now, revealing a lovely view of the river, rather than an eyesore that brings the neighborhood down.
  • 215 Rosewood Avenue New Haven, Connecticut - Fair Haven Heights
    Here we go again. It's not even close to spring and the atv's and dirt bikes are out in full force. When the temp rises above 40 the speed limit increases to 80. Haven't seen a police car parked on Rosewood in 4 weeks.
  • 1-39 E Grand Ave New Haven, CT 06513, USA - Fair Haven Heights
    The dirt bike issue seems to have been removed from this site. The issue is not resolved. What else can we do?
  • 242 Front St New Haven, CT 06513 - Chatham Square

    No change, pedestrians walking on Front Street must still watch out for driver coming out of the condos near the intersection of Front with Lewis Street. The drivers are so intent on watching for cars headed north on Freont Street that they do not look at the sidewalk to their right.

    At the same time pedestrians must watch for drivers that do not stop at the Lewis Street and Front street, southern directed stop signs and drivers that do not stop at the badly positioned, north directed Front Street stop sign. A different ticket has been opened on the need for speed bumps or something else to get drivers to at least slowdown at these stop signs,

    This is an over all dangerous intersection that must be re-engineered. In the meanwhile the neighborly thing would be for the condo association to put up a sign to remind their residents to look for pedestrians, particularly children, to the right as they exit the parking lot.

    There is a community playground across the street.

  • Atwater And Chatham New Haven, CT - Chatham Square

    High speeds, completely reckless joy riding continues and has continued (sporadically) for weeks now. 3 young adult riders out at 7:30PM tonight, 9-18-13, barely visible in the night time hours to drivers and pedestrians.

    Also, one kid riding tonight has been riding his red and white dirt bike for weeks now with zero consequence to him despite my suspicion that it is known to many who he is and where he lives. A likely message he is getting from inaction is that he is above the law; not a good lesson to learn at any age.

  • Bus Stop In Fron Of Ruppalo Manor. Ferry & Grafton St - Chatham Square
    Drug dealers and prostitutes are using the bus stop on Ferry & Grafton St as their headquarters.
  • 181 Front Street New Haven, Connecticut - Chatham Square
    upwards of 40 dirtbikes/ATV flying down Lewis Street, on to Front Street, right by 20 children at the park. They find strength in numbers, too cowardly to try to terrorize children on their own. So tired of this game...
  • 904 Quinnipiac Avenue New Haven, Connecticut - Fair Haven Heights
    the property has been vacant for years, owners do not respond to requests to clean up property. Windows boarded and broken, lot is poorly maintained and a detriment to the neighborhood.
  • Front And Grand New Haven, Connecticut - Chatham Square
    A group of ATVs was tearing up QRP tonight. Very dangerous swerving in and out of pedestrians along the park. Police called.
  • 30 Lenox Street New Haven, CT 06513, USA - Fair Haven Heights

    "The smell will drive you crazy..."
    Uretek, a polyurethane manufacturing factory that is surrounded by residential homes and schools, consistently produces noxious chemical smells - especially at night. Driving or walking by, the foul odor can be overwhelming, and even blocks away, the fumes invade. The potential "danger" of these emissions is a serious concern, compounded by the billowing black smoke recently seen billowing from the factory, as well as the company's disturbing history of air pollution.

    “’The smell would drive you crazy,’ said Louis Lopez, a 44-year-old mechanic who has worked for Uretek since 1984.” In December 1986, The New York Times covered a controversial employee strike at Uretek Inc. Uretek workers walked off the job due to health and safety concerns, specifically regarding the solvent dimethylformamide, or DMF, which is used at the plant. They claimed that fumes sickened half of the 66 workers at the plant. Later, testing by Yale confirmed the damage: 36 of the tested employees had ''significant liver-function abnormalities,'' and ten were diagnosed with toxic hepatitis, findings that, according to the doctor, were ''overwhelmingly'' linked to DMF*

    The workers’ health problems in 1986 were “not the first time that Uretek has been accused of wrongdoing,” according to the Times article. In 1984, the Uretek vice president John Andrews was convicted on felony charges of illegally storing and disposing of hazardous waste – making it “the first time a corporation in Connecticut had been convicted of such a criminal offense in a trial.”

    The article also noted that Uretek has been cited by the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection on air pollution.

    Although this was many years ago, Uretek's emissions and its potential impact on the environment and people remain a very significant concern.

    The DEP was notified a few years back (when the odors seemed particularly strong and noxious even blocks away). Despite Uretek’s pollution history, DEP’s response seemed disinterested. As far as we know, no air quality testing was conducted, nor any follow-up.

    A health issue as serious and dangerous as this requires more than discussions or assurances from factory management. It would seem logical and imperative that thorough air quality testing be conducted (especially after hours/at night when the odors are often strongest) and that the results be made publicly available.

    Does DEP receive notification of SeeClickFix concerns?

  • 811 Quinnipiac Ave New Haven, CT - Fair Haven Heights

    11:30 pm 6/23/11 a Silver ford f150 crashed into the retaining wall in front of the Quinnipiac school. The driver got out of the car, falling over drunk then tried to start the truck to drive away. The truck was so damaged it would not start, although he kept trying until the police arrived. 6-10 nieghbors watched in awe as they let the man go home with his friend. No cuffs, no charges?

    A similar event happend 50ft from the same location a few months ago. The driver crashed into a telephone pole and was let go. No cuffs, no charges?

    Is drunk driving legal in New Haven now?

  • 1 Pine St New Haven, CT 06513 - Chatham Square
    If you are going to speed anonymously through New Haven, don't do it with your employers name plastered on your bright yellow bus. I've been home for 3 weeks now and have watched First Student Buses speeding well over 25mph posted limit both north and south on Front Street. 8:55-9:20 heading North, 1:30 ish, heading South, late afternoonish heading north. Our houses are built on SAND. Speeding over potholes and manhole covers causes them to BOUNCE and SHIFT. Craziness. I'll get video this week.