larry's quinnipiac ave.

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looking for other houses in area experiencing theft or break ins.

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  • 642 Quinnipiac Ave New Haven, CT 06513 - Fair Haven Heights
    My husband and I just came back from a walk on Q-Ave and almost at the intersection of Q-ave and East Grand, contractors are installing u-verse. the last van was parked on sidewalk so that I had to roll my baby carriage (WITH BABY!!) onto Q-Ave. I spoke to the driver of the van who told me that there was a police officer right there who was "directing" traffic. I said something to the police man and he said that people would park on the street if their cars didn't get hit. WHAT??? So...according to the police...its more important to keep cars safe than people/kids. I wasn't aware of the new policy on sidewalks. YAHOO New Haven.
  • 165 Summit St New Haven, CT - Fair Haven Heights

    whoever owns this property directly behind 165 Summit is dumping large/commercial amounts of yard waste which is flowing into Quarry Park. They even used a chainsaw to cut down a HUGE oak tree which landed in the park and blocked the main trail going through. The wall of waste pushing into the park is almost 8' tall!!!

    Is this a LCI issue?

  • 705 Quinnipiac Ave New Haven, Connecticut - Fair Haven Heights
    UNREAL amount of illegal dirt bikes going all thru Fair Haven. I counted, no joking, 96 dirt bikes as they went past my house. Are we back to this...again?
  • 375 Quinnipiac Avenue New Haven, Connecticut - Fair Haven Heights

    I am writing on behalf of several concerned parents from the Elm City Montessori School. This is a new public school in New Haven with more than 100 students ages 3-8 years old who attend school 5 days a week between 7:30AM and 5:30PM.

    Unfortunately, there are absolutely NO STREET SIGNS indicating that this is a school zone. There are no signs posting a reduced speed limit. There are no flashing lights for the school crossing.

    I really hope that we don't have to wait for something bad to happen before the city is willing to take action on this vitally important item regarding the basic safety of our young children. Please take immediate action!!!

  • 108 110, 111, 112 Poplar St, New Haven, CT 06513, USA - Fair Haven
    quality of life in this area is non-existent because of the illegal drug activity
  • 714 Quinnipiac Ave New Haven, CT - Fair Haven Heights
    A man was assaulted by 5 or 6 youths (14 -18) this past Saturday in broad daylight. It was gruesome and I witnessed it first hand. Cops came and took my statement, and the ambulance took the guy away. I'm not going to watch our neighborhood spiral down the toilet. Drug related activity seems to be pulling into our neighborhood since the deli opened. The cops confirmed that they know about 686 Q-Ave. And a nod to the cops, they were parking right in front of the store on Sunday. I"m going to call the landlord and go from there.
  • Ferry St Bridge New Haven, CT - Annex
    Please mark the shoulders on the Ferry St Bridge as bike lanes as part of a new bike route to the Fair Haven Heights and Annex neighborhoods.
  • DIRT BIKES Archived
    729 Quinnipiac Ave New Haven, CT 06513, USA - Fair Haven Heights
    illegal use of dirt bikes / mopeds flying up and down Quinnipiac Avenue with little or no exhaust systems. Extremely loud and all day and night. Hanging wheelies, cutting off cars, very dangetous. Impedes quality of living. No response from Police Department. no tickets issued. Excessive speed andcutting off cars. on and off sidewalks.
  • 415 Eastern St New Haven, CT - Fair Haven Heights
    Young black male does wheelies down Eastern St on a dailly & nightly basis. His bike does not have lights. Two phone calls were made to the NHPD.He usually stops in the old Eastern Circle Projects. Called police an hour ago. He is still riding crazily.
  • 101-105 Front St New Haven, CT 06513, USA - Fair Haven
    Mindless vandalism acts are among the biggest crimes against the community. Quinnipiac River Park is arguably the nicest walk along a waterfront in New Haven. Seeing those trees broken hurts me a lot. I believe that quick replanting of new trees would sens a message that there is a will to keep the Park clean and green.
  • Prostitution Archived
    Peck St/Ferry St New Haven, Connecticut - Fair Haven
    Just driving home from work and approached by a female offering sexual favors and I'm a women. They back again on Peck/Ferry.
  • Front Street New haven, Ct - Chatham Square
    9:30 pm, Front Street. Dirtbikes flying by. Was peaceful for a month.