Beaver hills police sub station

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  • 315 Norton St New Haven, Connecticut - Beaver Hills
    Hilarious, SCF blocked the content of my last report about the precious dirtbikers, who are apparently now being protected?? Fascinating how I am censored on this site.
  • 493 Winthrop Ave New Haven, CT - Beaver Hills
    There is constant trash in front of this property and the trash cans are overflowing which has caused numerous squirrels to come & eat out of the trash. The trash also includes numerous weed bags & blunt wrappers and has to be picked up daily by the neighbors since the tenants have no desire to pick it up since they are the ones who put it there. There is also a HUGE loitering problem at this location even though there is a No Loitering sign clearly posted on the property and there is a standing no loitering order on file with the poilce dept. There is constant foot traffic going in & out of this property at all hours, suspected drug use & sales from second floor. This property is managed by Diamond Management which was formerly Apple Management and owned by some slumlords out of Florida who refuse to listen to the requests of the homeowners & neighbors living near this property who ask them to do something about the problem!
  • 383 Whalley Avenue New Haven, Connecticut - Beaver Hills
    The new laundromat has pennants strung over the sidewalk and flags in the middle of the sidewalk. Illegal and unnatractive. This is the second time I've reported with no luck
  • 355 Norton St New Haven, CT - Beaver Hills
    Contenuto bloccato da rifiuti.
  • 371 Norton St New Haven, CT - Beaver Hills
    Today we saw the same man outside on the porch with the women who lives on the first floor buying drugs from a red car. Same car always comes by. The buyer is the same as well.
  • Norton Parkway New Haven, CT - Beaver Hills
    The snow has not been plowed in the travel lane that is heading toward Whalley Ave. from Goffe Terrace. It is quite a hazard since you have to cross into the opposite travel lane for almost the entire block. This is particularly hazardous since the cars park perpendicularly not parallel to the curb. Snow is still piled high around each parking space.
  • 383 Whalley Avenue New haven, Connecticut - Beaver Hills
    The new laundromat has strung banners across the public sidewalk to light and telephone posts and has placed banners in the tree line - all illegal and looks horrible.
  • 379 Whalley Ave New Haven, CT - Beaver Hills
    Catch basin adjacent to the Edge of the Woods parking lot entrance (to the right on the driveway into the lot) is full of dirt and road debris, hampering drainage.
  • 493 Winthrop Ave New Haven, CT - Beaver Hills
    This has been a problem property ever since the 2nd floor tenants moved in last year but now either they or one of their 'visitors' has popped the lock off the front door so that it cannot be locked and the door is constantly left open all day and night. This issue has been reported to the property manager, Mario at Diamond Realty and he has completely ignored the requests to fix it. People come in ant out of this property at all times and smoke weed and hang out in the hallway of this property because the door is wide open. This is a safety issue for the tenants on the first floor who are great people and through no fault of their own have to deal with this nonsense!
  • 522 Winthrop Avenue New Haven, CT - Beaver Hills
    Resident reports that trash and recycling wasn't picked up.
  • 560 Winthrop Ave New Haven, CT, 06511, USA - Beaver Hills
    Paint speed bumps. How come i never seen an unpainted speed bump in white communities but only seen blind unpainted speed bumps in our community. in white communities the sign is a good distance before speed bump. in our community is at the speed bump. handle you business or find a new line of work.