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  • 3159 Flatbush Ave Brooklyn, NY 11234, USA - City Council District 46
    Flatbush Ave South desperately needs a left turn signal at the light for the entrance to the Aviator Sports parking lot at Floyd Bennett Field. Because there is an access road/bike path just before the entrance, there is a second red light facing cars trying to make left turns. This is confusing and unsafe. When attempting to make the left on green, the driver is faced with the red at the access road. Cars back up in the left turn lane because it isn't possible to make the turn on green, which is the norm. Then they all try to turn when the light turns red for Flatbush traffic. There was recently a bad accident at this light and there are bound to be worse if a left turn signal is not installed.
  • 157 E 181st St Bronx, NY - Tremont

    The establishment is called Club Deportivo Corp, a non-profit organization that operates as a cabaret/bar/nightclub on the weekends; in addition it has been shut down on several occasions because of illegal gambling and drug sales. It's in a residential neighborhood and consistently plays loud bass-driven music on the weekends and holidays, I checked with the NYS Alcohol Beverage Commission, and found that they do not have a license to sell or serve alcohol. In searching, I also found out that the entity type is DOMESTIC NOT-FOR-PROFIT CORPORATION; not a nightclub. Unfortunately, repeated calls to 311 for the noise complaints and NYPD Precinct 46 for the illegal sale of alcohol has not shut the place down for good. I also contacted the building's landlord, David Isaacs, (917) 805-0736, and he stated that he doesn't even know what type of establishment they are running.

    Although this place has been a part of the neighborhood for so long, they do not have a grandfather clause to run this sort of business in a residential neighborhood. In addition, on/off duty police officers frequently visit the establishment on weekends when they are supposed to be patrolling our streets to keep them safe, and rarely respond to 311 complaints unless there's been a fight.

    **I feel that because we live in the Bronx, we just don't matter because I have many friends whom live in Manhattan and when they raise issues like this, the problem is taken seriously and taken care of.

  • 7th Avenue Brooklyn, NY 11217 - Park Slope
    Trucks on 7th Avenue have no respect for residents or their environment, leaving their engines on while drivers deliver goods to nearby restaurants and shops. The trucks cause unnecessary pollution, noise and nuisance. If you're parked, turn your noise-making engine OFF!
  • 718 West 184th Street New York, NY 10033, USA - Washington Heights
    Traffic in Bennett needs a stop sign. There is a lot of pedestrian traffic and drivers on 184 th can't see past the parked cars to tell if anyone is coming up Bennett until they are out in the traffic lane and at risk of causing an accident.
  • 2281 Church Avenue - City Council District 40
    Excessively loud music can be heard from this nightclub / catering hall, Fridays and Saturday nights. The music has tremendous bass that shakes the window frames, and can be felt from the street. The Noise usually lasts well past 5:00am. Calls to 311 to request that the police remedy the situation have gone unheeded.
  • 400 Argyle Rd Brooklyn, NY - City Council District 40
    There are group of guys who loiter on Argyle outside the Salahi deli. They start in the evening and are there until the early morning. They drink, smoke pot, yell, fight, and urinate on the adjacent properties. They hit people up for money in a threatening manner, and leave their litter and bottles in and around parked cars, on the sidewalk, etc. And, their noise disturbs the people in the building above them.
  • 4 Street Between Bowery And Lafayette Manhattan , NYC - Central Park
    The construction noise everyday day of the week including Saturdays at 7:30 am is intolerable even with ear plugs and has made living here an absolute nightmare.
    I hear this construction will be going on for years. Is there a way to put in a request at least for them to start construction on Saturdays at a more reasonable hour like 10 am?
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  • 16 Morningside Ave new York, NY - Morningside Heights
    Today beginning at around 6 PM, a group of a dozen or so older adolescents began riding motor bikes up and down Morningside Avenue between 123rd Street and 116th Street. They did not wear helmets, they had no license plates. They rode at very, very high speeds, did "wheelies," and one of them rode on the sidewalk at several points. They disturbed everyone around with their noise and prevented people from enjoying the park. The police were not in evidence for reasons that I do not understand. This went on for around forty-five minutes.
  • 246 Dyckman St New York, NY 10034, USA - Inwood

    Dyckman Street from Broadway west has become a zoo... drag racing, car radios blaring, too many liquor-filled patrons sitting in outdoor cafes and hanging around being obnoxiously LOUD until the wee hours of the a.m.

    Weekends are impossible to bear - residents are at their wits' end and the NYPD has nuthin' to say about it all.

    WHY does the SLA keep granting licenses in this area??

  • 28th And Madison new york , NY - Gramercy
    Two manholes are loose on 28th street, right before the intersection at Madison, in front of the stoplights. Every time a vehicle drive over the manholes, which is all the time, nonstop, 24/7, there is an terribly loud clanging noise, akin to construction. Have not slept in weeks and am slowly losing my mind from the noise, to the point where am about to buy an orange cone and place it on the manholes so that vehicles have to drive around it. The noise is so loud and painful that I have lost sleep and productive hours at work.
  • manhole cover Archived
    Main St 560 new york, NY - Roosevelt Island
    Since the last construction on a Main Street the manhole cover in front of 560 make an incredible noise. Passing this cover cars make an unpleasant double CLICK very audible for the whole neighborhood.
  • 300 Elizabeth St Manhattan, NY 10012, USA - Greenwich Village