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  • F And G Streets Petaluma, CA - Petaluma
    These two crosswalks at F and G streets are main throughfares for Golden Gate Transit bus stop patrons, as well as pedestrians getting to and from Aqus Cafe, Wickersham Park, McNear Park and the establishments that line the boulevard in this area. They are extremely dangerous, as vehicles coming in and out of town have no indication of whether or not they need to slow down unless someone is actually stepping out into the the road. At night, the level of danger is simply unacceptable. Lighted crosswalk indicators, like the ones just a couple of blocks down at D Street, farther down the Boulevard in front of near Putnam Plaza, should be installed at F and G streets.
  • Mission Dr And Mountainview Ave Petaluma, CA - Petaluma
    This blind curve on Mountain View Avenue is a head-on waiting to happen. My family and I use this intersection every day, twice a day, and every time it's a nail-biter, as people cruising down Mountain View have no time to stop before coming upon traffic turning onto Mission. My wife and two kids had a near miss this morning and so here I am. WE NEED A STOP SIGN ON MOUNTAIN VIEW AVENUE AT MISSION DRIVE. YESTERDAY.
  • 17-119 Gate 6 1/2 Rd Sausalito, CA 94965, USA - Marin County
    This portion of Gate 61/2 Road is poorly maintained. It has ruts and potholes that are getting worse due to frequent and increasing car traffic from out of town bikers who park there while riding on the bike path. Residents who live along the road are risking potential damage to their cars each time they drive on it.
  • E Madison St Petaluma, CA 94954 - Petaluma
    Too many potholes to count. The patches don't make it any better.
  • Riesling Rd Petaluma, CA - Petaluma
    Children Crossing Lights on Riesling are aout of order for several months. Even after school started these lights have not been fixed. It has a "out of order" bag on them. I was told there is little budget to fix them. Its a shame a child must get hurt before someone fixes it
  • Bungalow Ave SAN RAFAEL, CA - San Rafael
    The neighborhood has been trying to get this Street repaired since 1989! The Street is very narrow making it difficult for 2 cars to pass safely.There are large open Gutters with Driveway entrances making it dangerous when 2 cars try to pass. A car can hit a driveway entrance and severely damage there front suspension. This has happened often. It has only partial sidewalks causing pedestrians to walk on the Street. We have had nothing but excuses from the City. The IJ published an article Nov 23 2003 concerning this issue.(See attached). This issue has gone on far to long.
  • 411 Payran St Petaluma, CA 94952 - Petaluma
    The playground by the library is a hangout for homeless men
  • 13000 13194 Sir Francis Drake Blvd Inverness, CA - Inverness
    For years, the stagnant water at the end of "Channel B" at Chicken Ranch Beach
    has been known to be contaminated. There is a sign next to the pool at the
    end of the channel but small children and dogs, can't read it.
    No one knows just how contaminated the sand and water just below it are as the
    water goes underground from there to the bay.
    The Tomales Bay Watershed Council has been diligently walking the walk through
    all the bureaucratic maneuvers to re-direct the channel so that the creek diverts to
    Channel A and there won't be any water coming down that way. There was a June 2010
    hydrology study called the Kamman study which suggested the change. The new
    owners of the property above the beach have given approval for the County Parks
    Dept. to make the change. Now, we need to convince the county that they need to make this repair an urgent
    priority before our children start playing there this summer. Please call Steve Petterle, Marin County Parks
    and Open Space, 499-6394. He asked that all questions, comments and concerns regarding the beach
    and water quality be directed to him at 499-6394.
  • 173-253 Magnolia Ave Petaluma, CA 94952, USA - Petaluma
    There are dozens and dozens of pot holes along Magnolia. It's time to stop trying to do crappy patch jobs and repave the road already.
  • POT HOLES!!! Archived
    Sutter Street Petaluma, CA - Petaluma
    It is time that all of Sutter Street be resurfaced instead of the constant filling of the pot holes. It is ridiculous that we pay to fill the holes and then three days later they need to be re-filled again! PLEASE pave this entire street!!
  • 101 San Carlos Ave Sausalito, CA 94965, USA - Sausalito
    Street sign got hit and now faces backwards - older resident seen trying to move it but it is a metal sign in concrete.
  • Sutter St Near Ely- Petaluma CA 94954 - Petaluma
    speed bump needed here- cars fly around corner at Ely and Sutter as it is a main connector between Ely and Washington