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  • Redwood Hwy San Rafael, CA - San Rafael

    ABATEMENT on truck box car in county corp. yard. Whole side of car behind Civic Center.

    Spoke to "Steve" in signage dept; due for follow up call on 9-16.

  • St. Augustine Cir @ Meadowview Petaluma CA 94954 - Petaluma
    Street Light on St. Augustine Circle at the end of Meadowview is out.
  • 868 Crinella Dr Petaluma, CA 94954 - Petaluma
    This street light has been broken for over 6 years. I have emailed the Public Works Dept several times. Come daylight savings time it is very dark when kids are returning from various afterschool activities!
  • 1590 Lincoln Ave San Rafael, CA 94901 - San Rafael

    1. "Tork" tag, black ink
    6-12", visible on side of box
    Recommend wash

    2. Scribble, white ink

  • Rough Road Archived
    11319 State Highway 1 Point Reyes Station, CA 94956 - Point Reyes Station
    This turn on highway 1 was not repaved with everything else and it's quite rough
  • 1441 Baywood Dr Petaluma, CA 94954, USA - Petaluma
    these 20 pot holes were filled with graveled tar that the traffic took out the next day. These potholes are in the 1417 to 1528 addresses on Baywood. What a waste of time and cost when the fix wasn't a fix at all.
  • 320 N Mcdowell Blvd Petaluma, CA 94954 - Petaluma
    Looks faded and dowdy. Needs a power wash! Needs a new paint job! Community volunteers, scouts, rotary, etc. should help with this project
  • 1720 Spyglass Rd - Petaluma
    two street lights are out on the street also a public lawn sprinkler is busted and shoots out like geyser
  • Pothole Archived
    Acadia Dr Petaluma, CA - Petaluma
    Pothole, growing as asphalt chunks come out
  • Corona And Ely - Petaluma
    On Corona east bound lane on the corner of Corona and Ely.
  • 101 North / Central San Rafael Exit @ Second Street San Rafael, CA - San Rafael

    It looks as though a car hit this bridge some time ago and I've been looking at it in disarray for months and shocked that nothing has been done to at least reinforce it in some way let alone repair it.

    I've included a photo of what the bridge looks like now. Google Maps shows a street view of what the bridge looked like prior to the damage.

    The bridge is located near the Central San Rafael Exit from Northbound 101 along the off-ramp to the left. When the tide is in there is a good amount of water in the canal so I would think it would be worthwhile to get it fixed or do something about this in the interim of getting it fixed.

    Kimberly Metzger - Concerned Citizen

  • Redwood Highway San Rafael, CA 94901, USA - San Rafael
    Pavement on 101 southbound on far right lane when you enter the freeway on 2nd st in San Rafael is damage. It's where the entrance lane ends and the freeway starts, the road causes trucks to bounce violently. This is for all types of trucks. Please repave or smooth out rd. Hazardous condition.