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  • Webster St Alameda, CA, 94501, USA - Alameda

    Does our city council need to update its city ordinances to include homeless encampments and people living in their cars? It will become worse if we don't identify how to address this issue. We happily pay property taxes to keep up this great city. It would be a shame to let blight take over our sense of safety and property value. Maybe we need to empower our police force with training to get the job done.

    There have been reports on this forum for months but the same encampments have not moved. Please educate me as I may have missed something.

    Thank you for the opportunity to express my view. I've lived on the island for forty years and would hate to see Alameda turn into THE place for people living in their cars or in encampments.

  • 2295 Mariner Square Loop Alameda, CA 94501, USA - Alameda
    DAY 12 - this individual remains 24/7 in these bus shelter. Rains have arrived and once again No place for riders, especially the elderly and disabled, to wait. How long does this continue? Tick, tock. .
  • 2320-2398 Central Ave Alameda, CA 94501, USA - Alameda
    Broken news racks with graffiti and trash
  • Safeway Driveways On Island Drive Alameda, CA - Alameda
    Along the bike path on Island Drive two large driveways that serve as the exit and entrance to the Safeway / CVS - harbor bay landing shopping center pose a danger to kids riding that path to and from school. The stop sign at the exit is small and I have often seen drivers "roll" through it and have near misses of hitting a child on a bike . In addition , when a bicyclist stops or pauses at this intersection to check for cars they are blocked from the cars view both by the stop sign and an additional signpost that is there - causing an unsafe visibility issue.For cars entering the lot from Island Drive there is no stop sign - so Cars then turn in and cross the bike path at a faster rate from Island Drive.
  • 1443 Webster Alameda, California - Alameda

    Dear City Manager:

    There is a growing number of homeless men and women who stay on Webster Street between Santa Clara and Taylor Avenues. They are in poor physical and mental health. They are in plain site of your employees, yet they are not being helped. One older black woman has sores all over her body and is not lucid. Others are so intoxicated that they cannot take care of themselves. Why aren't they being helped? Our pound animals receive better care than them. It is a shameful and disgraceful situation. When was the last time that you came here? How can we claim to be a caring and compassionate community under these circumstances?

  • 1500 Webster St Alameda, CA 94501, USA - Alameda
    Cafe Jolie is setting out benches on the weekend for their waiting guests and it doesn't leave enough room for strollers and wheelchairs.
  • 1801 Poggi St Alameda, CA 94501, USA - Alameda
    the weeds are 4 ft high and dry and there is garbage including dumped items like a car seat covered in poop. School children will be going to the academy of Alameda beginning August 22nd. Do we really want them to have to walk past this? Generally this curbside area is almost never cleaned up
  • 1721 Webster St Alameda 94501, United States - Alameda
  • 1550 5th St Alameda, CA 94501, USA - Alameda
    The turn pocket from westbound Lincoln onto southbound 5th St is not functioning properly. Left turn signal has a bike sign on the street but the signal does not detect bikes even when I am riding a very large steel cargo bike that should easily trigger a loop detector. I am often force to run the light. In addition, signal timing is too short. When a car pulls up behind me and triggers the light, the light is red before I have cleared the intersection. This creates pressure on the driver following me and they often pass dangerously and illegally before finishing the turn and when they do not have good visibility on the street ahead.
  • Constitution Way Alameda, CA, 94501, USA - Alameda
    Homeless encampments located on Constitution before entering tube.
  • 2916 Southwood Dr. Alameda, California - Alameda
    Reported in April but still not fixed, and Halloween is coming with hundreds of kids in the neighborhood: three streetlights in a row along the even-numbered side of the street are burned out.
  • Police -General Acknowledged
    1424-1426 Sherman Street Alameda, California - Alameda
    The homeowners at 1426 Sherman Street are parking their vehicle taking up 2 parking spots on purpose. They are moving this weekend and trying to save the spot out in front of their residence for a moving truck. Yesterday all day they parked a Grey Nissan Pickup truck there, and this morning they swapped it out with their black SUV in the picture. Our neighbors are upset at how disrespectful they are. Look at the picture. Please have an officer drive by and tell them to stop taking up 2 spaces. If they want they can apply with the City for a Parking Permit for their move.