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    88-122 Providence Street Boston, MA 02136, USA - Hyde Park
    There is at least 8 unregistered and uninsured cars sitting on the street here. There are no license plates on any of them. I run a business on this street and now the street is starting to look like a junk yard!!!
  • Streetlight Archived
    Enneking Pkwy Boston, MA 02132, USA - Hyde Park
    Light is out
  • 87-145 Clare Ave Boston, MA 02136, USA - Hyde Park
    speeding traffic
  • Intersection Lagrange St West Roxbury, MA 02132 & Washington - Hyde Park
    At the street light, every change the walk signal and delay is activated whether there is a pedistrian or not. Every time. Lots of wasted gas by idling cars.
  • (pothole) Archived
    59 Joan Rd Boston, MA 02136 - Hyde Park
  • 1-67 Prescott St Boston, MA 02136, USA - Hyde Park
    12 Prescott st!!! They put their trash out every week AFTER trash has been picked up and it sits there till the following Tuesday. This is an every week occurrence. In front of 12 Prescott st. Someone please do something about this. This neighborhood has had enough!
  • 62 Cranmore Rd Hyde Park, MA 02136, USA - Hyde Park
    Vehicles travelling on Cranmore Road/Garfield Avenue very often speed through, even though site lines are limited on the street and there are often cars parked on both sides making the road narrow. There are no stop signs at any of the intersections between Truman Parkway and Washington Street, so traffic can cruise through at very high speeds.
  • Other Archived
    969-971 Hyde Park Avenue Boston, MA 02136, USA - Hyde Park
    Illegal dumping
  • 31 Davison St Boston, MA - Hyde Park
    speeding from Walter st. down to the end of Davison st. and Fairmont st.Davison st used as cut through street to get to Faimont to Truman Parkway
  • (pothole) Archived
    66 Easton Ave Boston, MA 02136 - Hyde Park
  • (pothole) Archived
  • 1 Reservation Rd Boston, MA 02136, USA - Hyde Park
    Ripe for stolen cars... They used to be cemented to a wall at the skate park, but now a bunch just sitting here loose.