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  • 21-27 Davison Street Boston, Massachusetts - Hyde Park
    Cars speed when they get to Walter st.and continue to signal light on Fairmont and and Davison there needs to be a stop sign on Way st.
  • 6 Goff Street Hyde Park, MA - Hyde Park

    Feb. 2, 2015: I would really appreciate any help with snow removal from this current storm. I'm also wiling to pay a fair price. I need to be able to get to work on Tuesday (leaving at 8 am). I cleared what I could before by 11 am, but now that it is a combination of ice and snow I fear later this afternoon it will be too heavy for me. Also, the city plows keep dumping snow in front of my driveway. Please let me know if you can help - I can be reached at: . My driveway and walks are short - I think someone with a snow blower could do it quickly. Thanks!


  • 131 Chittick Rd Boston, MA 02136, USA - Hyde Park
    Cable down in the middle of the street. Plow can't clean street.
  • Other Archived
    969-971 Hyde Park Avenue Boston, MA 02136, USA - Hyde Park
    Illegal dumping
  • Help Archived
    6 Summer St. Hyde Park, MA - Hyde Park

    10 foot of driveway and 40 ft. sidewalk


  • Streetlight Archived
    Enneking Pkwy Boston, MA 02132, USA - Hyde Park
    Light is out
  • 31 Davison St Boston, MA - Hyde Park
    speeding from Walter st. down to the end of Davison st. and Fairmont st.Davison st used as cut through street to get to Faimont to Truman Parkway
  • Intersection Lagrange St West Roxbury, MA 02132 & Washington - Hyde Park
    At the street light, every change the walk signal and delay is activated whether there is a pedistrian or not. Every time. Lots of wasted gas by idling cars.
  • 87-145 Clare Ave Boston, MA 02136, USA - Hyde Park
    speeding traffic
  • 62 Cranmore Rd Hyde Park, MA 02136, USA - Hyde Park
    Vehicles travelling on Cranmore Road/Garfield Avenue very often speed through, even though site lines are limited on the street and there are often cars parked on both sides making the road narrow. There are no stop signs at any of the intersections between Truman Parkway and Washington Street, so traffic can cruise through at very high speeds.
  • 48 Tileston St Hyde Park, MA 02136, USA - Hyde Park
    Blocking sidewalk on someone's property
  • POTHole Archived
    234 Neponset Valley Pkwy - Hyde Park
    This pothole has been there since they put new pipes down.
    MY house shacks when trucks go by.