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  • Royal Oak Drive - Durham
    There is no street light at the intersection of Royal Oak Drive and Route 17 in Durham. This area is very dark at night and many accidents have occurred in this area. Many motorists speed on this particular road making turning on to this road very dangerous. Please consider this report, it is a long time coming!
  • 100 Town Walk Drive hamden, CT - Hamden
    When Exiting Town Walk Drive and taking a left turn at the Intersection of Town Walk Drive and Hamden Hills Drive, the driver has no warning of oncoming traffic. When I look right for traffic the cars come down the hill so fast there is no warning and I have to floor the gas to prevent accidents. I believe a mirror displayed on a telephone pole/street light might prevent an accident here and help drivers observe oncoming traffic.
  • Street Light Archived
    363 Kimberly Ave New Haven, CT 06519, USA - Hill
    Two street lights on the Kimberly Ave. bridge are out. Dangerous to walk on sidewalk in the dark.
  • POWER OUTAGE Archived
    174 North State Street Ansonia, CT - Ansonia

    Beginning at my location (#174) N State St, Rockwood Ave, as well as Woodbridge Ave all without power since Yesterday @ 9:30AM 8/28/11

    Tree fell further down Woodbridge Ave, knocked down pole, blew transformer on Woodbridge Ave in front of my house as well as lines at Corner of N. State & Woodbridge Ave.

    No tree removal has occured yet and from what we were told - until this happens UI cannot begin restoration and UI can't provide ETA until this cleanup occurs. I know UI is overwhelmed... but PLEASE FIX/HELP ASAP -- NO POWER!!

  • Royal Oak Drive - Durham
    A street light is needed at the intersection of Royal Oak Drive and Route 17. This is a very dark area and many accidents have occurred in this vicinity. The road is not very wide in this area and many people have rear ended or nearly rear ended being when they turn onto our Street. A light at night would make this area much more visible to motorists and would eliminate problems.
  • Rock Street Milford, CT - Milford
    the street doesn't have any street lights...
  • 60 Gorham Dr Hamden, CT 06514, USA - Hamden
    50+ feet tall tree is so rotten at the base that one can push branches through from several sides to the other. When it falls, it will rip down all United Illuminating, ATT and Comcast cables serving the neighborhood. Located between UI poles 3858 and 3859
  • 573 Mountain Rd CT 06514 - Hamden
    What a scary street this is to drive on. Its a 2 way street, but only room for one lane traffic in one direction. It's along a wooded area with no guardrail or anything to stop you from going off the road. No street lights, so night time driving is especially dangerous.
  • 140 Captain Thomas Blvd West Haven, CT 06516, USA - West Haven
    Washington st. Between Capt . Thomas and Beach st.
  • 884 E Broadway Milford, CT 06460, USA - Milford
    This Street light needs help!!! It goes on and off and is off more than it is on.Area is poorly lit.Two parked cars have been hit in the dark area of this street light,and just the other night a couple in a noisey Range Rover decided to make a little noise for themselves.Needless to say,the one pump chump didn't last long,however they didn't park anywhere on the road where there was street lights and there are many open spots to park on this half mile strip.
  • Pumpkin Hill Rd Shelton, CT - Shelton
    Power went out on the morning of 8/27/11 and is still out as I type this on 9/2/11. UI says a tree went down and caused it but there is no time frame for restoring. The condos below us in Sunwood were lucky enough to have a commercial generator plugged into the box for the week. I saw the same generators on AT&T trucks/trailers. I guess we aren't as important as the people down there. They seem to have had their power restored yesterday. I have lost all the food in the fridge and find this handling of the situation unacceptable. Obviously we are not prepared for disasters here. It's a good thing the storm wasn't a full-fledged hurricane when it hit here and hope that we don't have any others hit us in the near future.
  • 17-35 Canal St E Shelton, CT 06484, USA - Shelton