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This map is intended to be helpful to the city of Middletown, the Police Department, Public Works, Health Department and neighbors. Please be considerate of people's privacy and lifestyle and only report issues that are illegal or health or safety hazards. You can also report city issues such as potholes and burned out traffic lights. If you have questions about how to use this site, you may email

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  • 600 Main St Middletown ct - Middletown
  • Rte 66 West At Washington St. And Main St. Middletown CT - Middletown
    A left turn signel is needed due to heavy traffic which causes delays at the intersection of Washington St. & Main St. going rte 66 west.
  • 533 Main St Middletown, CT, USA - Middletown
  • 123-199 Berlin St Middletown, CT 06457, USA - Middletown
    The smell of urine and feces and barking dogs early in the morning coming from the doggy day care
  • Drug traffic Archived
    110-144 Pearl St Middletown, CT 06457, USA - Middletown
    Yellow house to the left of the Wesleyan dorm has non stop traffic in and out all times of the day and night. The majority of the traffic is going to the side door. Many times people have been taken away from this house in an ambulance. Drug addicts and drug dealers live here and nothing is done about it.
  • drug activity Archived
    Liberty St - Middletown
    drug dealings by arescos mkt
  • 703-731 Connecticut 17 Middletown, CT 06457, USA - Middletown
    I take a left out of grand street every morning onto main street and this intersection is dangerous. The light changes at the same time as Rapello avenue and the cars that turn right at that light near collide with cars turning left out of grand. This is dangerous and can cause a collision. It makes me unsafe to travel this road and have had to find another route with near misses in a crash.
  • Rappallo Ave & Main St - Middletown
    Either turning lights with arrows or each direction has a seperate green light!
  • 500 Main Middletown, CT - Middletown
    There's lots of town in Hartford County where Dog wardens totally negligent and lots of dogs like pitbulls, German Shepherds and other mean dogs, like Chows run loose & attack other dogs. East Hartford is the worst! But they had on the news this Hartford Dog Warden declaring HOW safe Pitbulls were & NOT insisting they be chained or put in a fenced yard! How dangerous that is for kids, pets, & disabled adults
  • realto cafe Archived
    1-99 Rappallo Ave Middletown, CT 06457, USA - Middletown
    regular fights outside friday and saturday nights and on those nights they aren't brawling the patrons are obnoxiously loud waking residents. At what point can we aim to shut this bar down that only attracts degenerate low lives to the neighborhood. granted the free episodes of cops were nice when we had no t.v. but it'd be nice to not have it out my window
  • 434-476 High St Middletown, CT 06457, USA - Middletown
    every weekend the cops are here at 444 high street for a noise ordinance level.... and nothing ever gets done.... what can we do??
  • 127 Grand St Middletown, CT 06457, USA - Middletown
    127 grand st, suspicious people in & out, seemingly drunk and/or high