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  • 71 Orange St New Haven, CT - 770 Chapel Big
    This is a heavily trafficked block for bikes and pedestrians and could really use a bike rack on the east side of the street in front of Project Storefronts.
  • 165 Church St. New Haven, Connecticut 06510 - Town_Green
    Ever since the city began charging $50 for bulk pickup, there has been a significant uptick in illegal dumping: furniture, tires, TVs, mattresses, etc. can be found on curb strips all over New Haven. The problem “seems” to have gotten even worse since residents no longer can schedule pickups via phone or online, but are required to go to Public Works and pay in person.
    So could someone with an insider access to Public Works expenses provide us with a “before” and “after” breakdown?
    Is the city actually saving money by charging for bulk pickups?
    Or is the cost of picking up and disposing of illegal bulk piles throughout the city costing more?
    Despite what such research ultimately finds, the significant decline in “quality of life” due to junk piles all over our neighborhoods is indisputable.
  • York Street At South Frontage New Haven, CT - Dwight
    Due to the construction on Route 34, traffic gets backed up along South Frontage Road at York Street. Vehicles try to beat the red light and are stopped in the middle of the intersection (blocking the box) during the pedestrian crossing signals, causing pedestrians to weave around the vehicles to cross the street. Because there are three lanes of traffic stopped and some are trying to get out the intersection, they don't see pedestrians weaving around the adjacent cars as they cross. Some pedestrians try to cross against the light when vehicles are stopped thinking it is safe to cross when it clearly is not (photo attached). These condition are extremely dangerous for anyone who uses this intersection and needs to be addressed immediately.
  • Eld Street New Haven, CT - SOHU

    Given the current epidemic of package-from-doorstep theft in East Rock---we were hit today---I thought it might be useful to open a thread about possible steps. Barring any police assistance (child, please!), we're on our own.

    My suggestion: We all start leaving empty Amazon delivery boxes on our doorsteps. That would make it difficult for the thieves to identify which homes have a (real) package and those that are empty. It strikes me that the thieves want to move quickly; if we're adding lots of boxes, it slows them down, and it increases the chances that one of us will see them. If enough of us do this, it may make theft unprofitable since the thieves will faced with a higher chance of being caught and a higher chance of scoring an empty box. Any other ideas welcome, but I'll be putting out boxes in the morning and on random days thereafter.

  • Audubon Steet New Haven, CT - Town_Green

    With all of the pedestrian traffic moving across Church into Audobon arts area, we really really need a pedestrian cross walk from curb at Gourmet Heaven to curb at Koffee?
    There are TONS of kids and families who cross this intersection...or try to....every single day. Crazy drivers on church do not yield.
    PLEASE put in a pedestrian cross walk.

    I know I know, most drivers won't yield, but at least we will have tried.
    Please vote this up. ty

  • Orange St And Pearl St New Haven, CT - SOHU

    Unless you step out into the crosswalk, and risk getting run over, the vast majority of drivers don't yield to the pedestrians trying to cross the street at this intersection. I've seen it happen in front of the police who've done nothing about it. Once, in front of the police, I had to step out in the street and put up my hands to help a woman with her young child cross the street while at least two drivers laid on their horns.

    Can we please get an officer who will do their job and actually stop drivers and give them tickets for this behavior? It is getting dangerous and I really don't want to see anybody get hit.

  • 85 Whitney Ave New Haven 06510, United States - Yale University Campus
    Almost hit by a car which crossed on red lights!
    No Pedestrian button for traffic lights
    This crossing is one of the most dangerous in New Haven City, and it is just a matter of time before a car hit a pedestrian.
    Drivers push and do not respect traffic red lights or pedestrian right of way.
    Police should enforce this crossing or City of New Haven could add one of this traffic camera to ticket automatically and electronically disrespectful drivers.
    If the City of New Haven really care about pedestrians’ safety it should act now before it is too late.
    Tired of being a daily target to agressive drivers who get away with everything.
  • Eld St New Haven, CT - SOHU

    What is UP with this?! Somebody new on the job? Street-sweeping "no parking" signs have been stapled to trees young and old all over this neighborhood and probably beyond. It's bad enough for the mature trees, but the young ones can't handle it.

    I honestly thought this issue had been hashed out and solved over the last couple of years. Way to undermine the hours of good work of neighbors and URI, guys.

    Will the city please send someone around to carefully remove the signs and staples from all the trees, asap? And please, please be extra gentle with the new trees.

  • 157 Church St New Haven, CT 06510, USA - Town_Green
    If you’re a Red Sox or Cubs fan in Connecticut who is fired up about the prospects of seeing the two teams face off in their first series at Fenway Park since the 1918 World Series, Fox Sports is putting a damper on your Saturday viewing plans. More here: http://bit.ly/j52VDa
  • 641-699 Chapel St New Haven, CT 06511, USA - Wooster Square
    Traffic flow on Chapel goes from two lanes to one across the intersection of Olive but no lane is marked. Note the merge sign is obstructed by branches and placed only after the merge occurs. A simple fix of a turn only lane on Chapel turning left onto Olive is an easy fix and will avoid accidents.
  • Chapel And State New Haven Ct - 770 Chapel Big

    A dozen or more bikers paused at this red light, looked around, then all blew right through it.

    Either you want to be treated like other vehicles and respected as such, or not. Don't make other cyclists look bad by playing by your own rules. If you want to share the road, then obey the traffic laws.

  • 26 Center St New Haven, CT 06510 - Town_Green

    Connecting these empty lots and parking lots (visible on the satellite image) should be a priority.

    A new street would activate and provide more window frontage on blocks that are currently far too wide, therefore tremendously increasing the potential for real estate development and new tax revenue for the city.

    Models can be found from elsewhere in New Haven, for example, the Temple Street Plaza, which breaks down a large block into a series of pathways connecting College, Chapel, Temple and Crown. What makes cities successful these days are the "nooks and crannies" like these.

    Other small streets in New Haven have since disappeared due to urban renewal. For example, Pitkin Plaza, now home to 360 State, used to be a small street.

    See here for additional discussion of the idea, recently presented by architect George Knight: http://newhavenindependent.org/archives/2008/02/knight_blaze_ne.php The proposed street should be extended all the way to the Coliseum Site and perhaps tie in, through an indoor arcade, to the Federal Plaza (former Court Street) located just north of Chapel, between Orange and Church.