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  • 383-501 State Street New Haven, CT - Downtown
    City Officials in New Haven are resistant to consider this great route for a cycling path because they are concerned that Amtrak will not grant and easement. Given past experience that is understandable but maybe citizens could help work the problem. Does anybody have contacts at Amtrak so that residents could start a conversation with them about using this easement? It would be really sad to let past bureaucratic relationships get in the way of this great solution.
  • Trumbull St. & Lincoln St. New Haven, CT - New Haven

    On a popular walking route for East Rock residents to get downtown (via Audubon St.), one crosses Trumbull St. at Lincoln Ave. Despite signs saying "yield to pedestrians in crosswalk" I find that not only do drivers not yield, they typically accelerate. From one end they are coming off of I-91 and still going highway speeds, on the other they are trying to make the light at Orange St. I almost get hit by cars here once a week or so. Does anyone else have this problem?

    Maybe some blinking lights or a radar sign that tells drivers how fast they are going would help?

  • red light runners Acknowledged
    76 York St New Haven, CT 06511 - Dwight
    Constantly running red lights at intersection of York and No. Frontage.
  • 721 Chapel Street New Haven, CT 06510, USA - Downtown
    He has done 4 loops and asked if I wanted to take a video.police were called but none have come.
  • 260-262 College Street New Haven, Connecticut - Town_Green
    Apparently Yale will not renew the Anchor's lease. Let's Vote up saving the anchor.
  • Oak St Connector New Haven, CT 06519, USA - Hill
    Can you imagine what is going to happen to traffic when the DeStefano administration fills in RT 34 and closes all the exits except Church Street. Are they out of their minds? Remember when I-91 went from 4 lanes to one? You don't need to be a traffic engineer to see that that wasn't going to work. Where is the traffic going to go? Through traffic on 34 to Derby and beyond will now be mandated to go through downtown. The real danger is traffic backing up onto the new Q bridge,I-95 and I-91. The State has just reconfigured the interchange and now needs to make the 4 lanes down to 1 or 2 within a few hundred feet. Anyone else see this issue ???
  • 47-75 Trumbull St New Haven Ct 06510 USA - Yale University Campus
    Almost every day on my way to work from downtown to Yale's School of Management, I am nearly hit by a car. The northbound cars turning right from Whitney Avenue onto Trumbull Street do NOT realize that the pedestrian walk signal is on and that they must yield to pedestrians. When the pedestrian walk sign is on and I try to cross, the turning cars continue driving at me and drivers blow their horns and yell at me. Even more stressful than these antagonizing interactions is the knowledge that one day someone probably will be hit and killed/severely injured. Traffic signage MUST be improved to indicate that right-turning cars must yield to pedestrians, or the pedestrian walk light should be rewired to only turn on when the Whitney Avenue light is red. Perhaps clearer cross-walk lines should also be instituted. This intersection is heavily trafficked by employees and students every single day, so I exhort the City to make this a priority.
  • 17 Pearl St New Haven, CT - SOHU
    Payloader/plow dumped a mountain in front of my car and some icebergs into the back side of my car. Now have dent and broken hubcap.
  • Corner Of Church And Chapel new haven, CT 06517, USA - Town_Green
    white male. mid 20"s usually in red sox apparrel. Every morning pills are dealt in front of the coffee house
  • 47 Court Street New Haven, Connecticut - Wooster Square

    Something must be done to slow traffic on Olive Street. Unhampered by any stop signs or lights, cars zip down the street, often ignoring posted pedestrian crosswalks. Dolores Dogolo was struck and killed in October trying to cross the street; it’s now February, and nothing has been done to slow traffic or to secure additional, well-marked crosswalks. Compounding the problem now is the total lack of snow removal from sidewalk curbs; people still need to cross the street, regardless of weather. In order to do that now, we have to climb over snow or take a dangerous, circuitous path. We need new stop signs at the intersection of Court and Olive Streets.

    At the neighborhood meeting last night, many of us discussed how we could slow traffic and ensure the safety of our pedestrians. A worker from the city claimed that a raised crosswalk would be too expensive; the crosswalk at Whitney and Audubon, for instance, cost $300,000. So: two new stop signs should be installed, replacing the “YIELD TO PEDESTRIANS” signs that are currently there and that are currently ignored. The crosswalk-sign that stays in the middle of the crosswalk until it is hit and destroyed by a car should be installed properly.

    In addition, there should be crosswalks painted on all sides of the intersection; as is, only the northern crossing is painted. The sidewalks need to be prepared with proper ramps for wheelchairs and baby strollers.

    This is not a cost-prohibitive project, but it is a mandatory one that must be done as soon as possible. Unfortunately for our community and for the Dogolo family, it is not proactive enough; stop signs and crosswalks should have been installed and painted long before October.


    Your neighbor,

  • Church Street New Haven, Connecticut - Town_Green

    Marking this under "Public Space" because it severely inhibits the enjoyment thereof for women in New Haven. Repeatedly and on a near-daily basis, I am verbally harassed in the vicinity of Chapel and Church, often in a beyond-lewd manner. (In some instances, the harassers ride their bicycles on the side walk to do so.) Other women also report being similarly harassed as well.

    Can't something be done about this: more police patrols? Flyering? Posters? Pretty tired of this being tacitly accepted behavior in cities.

  • Whitney Ave And Audubon St New Haven, Connecticut - Town_Green
    Construction of the Whitney and Audubon Complete Streets Project has begun this week. We are asking for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers to use caution when navigating through this area throughout the construction period. Barring any delays, the project is expected to be completed by August 20th.. A graphic rendering of the project has been included to show how it will look upon completion. Thank you for your continued patience throughout the construction of this traffic calming, safety-enhanced pedestrian crossing in Downtown New Haven!