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  • Orange St. At Bradley St. New Haven, CT - SOHU
    I was crossing Orange St. in a marked crosswalk with a "State Law Yield to Pedestrians" sign in the middle of the street. I was pushing my five month old son in his stroller. A man in a blue pickup truck started yelling obscenities then hit the gas and nearly ran us over - I had to run out of the crosswalk to avoid being hit. What good are crosswalks if they're blatantly ignored? Why haven't I ever seen police ticketing at a crosswalk? This is too much. I would happily give the police a description if I thought they were interested.
  • 192-224 Orange St New Haven, CT - Town_Green

    so many issues on see click fix involve the need for more enforcement of traffic laws, and more protection of pedestrians and cyclists.

    the following things have happened to me in the past week (to help paint a picture of how many happen overall):

    i was cursed out in the crosswalk in front of the police station for daring to cross legally, because i'm a "b*tch" who thinks i can "walk wherever i want"

    i flipped over my handlebars after nearly being missed by a car running a red light, and then was nearly missed by the car speeding behind me. neither of the vehicles stopped to see if i was ok.

    i was cursed at for riding in line with sharrows on state street because i should "get out of the way" and "stay on the #$% sidewalk"

    a man and i, while crossing in a crosswalk, were violently honked at, despite crossing legally, and the fact that he was using a cane. when i challenged the driver honking, a stream of curse words came, and the driver behind him screamed "WELCOME TO NEW HAVEN, WE DON'T GIVE A @#$%"

    while waiting at a red light going straight towards the train station, with my bike physically stopped ON A SHARROW, a man got out of his BMW to ask me why i wasn't all the way over to the right (even though that is a turn lane and i wasn't turning) and when i explained why, he started screaming that i'm "supposed to let all the cars pass" since i was "blocking all the traffic" (while stopped at a light legally, and after keeping up with the flow of traffic for my entire trip) (and, "let all the cars pass"? so i should wait at each intersection until not one car exists?)

    with this level of aggression, it is a wonder we walk or bike at all.

    our city needs to take more serious steps towards protecting the roads most vulnerable users.

  • College And Chapel Streets New Haven, Connecticut - Downtown
    There is a group of bikers that look like they came from the valley drag racing through the city. The bikes have illegal pipes and ear splitting noise. They are running pedestrian crossings and passing cars in full view of the green during jazz fest. The meter maids are busy ticketing jazz goers and NH police ignore the drag bikes, because the cops like the toys. They are ruining jazz fest, drowning out the music with their engines and no one is doing anything.
  • Whitney Avenue New Haven, CT - Downtown

    I watched a meter maid issue a ticket to a car that had just pulled into a space and fed the meter. When I pointed out their was still time on the meter their reply was "so there is"

    Giving tickets even when paid is why no one comes here anymore. This has got to stop. Refused to give any ID info, but I know what they look like and will start video recording of these activities. You are warned.

  • 567 Orange St New Haven, CT - SOHU
    At approximately 8:45 am today I was on Orange St heading NE waiting at a red light behind a tow truck. Humphrey St had the green light. Visibility for traffic heading NW on Humphrey was blocked by the tow truck in front of me. All of a sudden a tow truck 2 or 3 vehicles behind me pulled into the oncoming lane and sped up Orange St, passing through the Humphrey intersection at about 25 mph, accelerating, not braking. If any vehicle had reached the intersection from Humphey from the south side, there would have been a TERRIBLE accident. I was so shocked I didn't think to get a description of the tow truck. If anyone else saw this, or if there are cameras in that intersection, I hope this can be investigated.
  • Chapel And Church Street New Haven, CT - Town_Green

    While travelling up Chapel from Orange Street, I stopped at a red light at the Church Street intersection.

    I was surprised to see a red jeep drive through the red light at about 5 miles in hour, because a police officer was also at the intersection.

    The crosswalk light was on, and we proceeded to ride slowly--with no pedestrians in our lane--through the intersection.

    This is perfectly legal, per section Sec. 14-286a, of CT statutes. New Haven has a local ordinance which bans sidewalk riding, but not crosswalk use, and per Sec. 14-286e, crosswalks are NOT sidewalks, and laws made in regard to one do not apply to the other.

    The law is very clear on this matter, and I encourage our city police to read on it.

    The cop was rude and disrespectful, told me he was sure I was right, but that losing a day's work to sit in court probably wasn't in my best interest, and bragged that he could issue tickets for 120/each to all 3 of us.

    The same officer then ran a red light, parked illegally in front of the Starbucks at High Street, and went inside for a coffee.

    He was driving car number 10 and it was Friday, July 29th, at 9 am.

  • S Frontage Rd New Haven, CT 06511, USA - Dwight
    On West side of park between frontage roads.
    Assume that developer has responsibility to city keep trees alive for 1 yr. Lci?
  • South Frontage Road New Haven, Connecticut - Dwight

    Cars on S. Frontage that go straight through the intersection consistently block the intersection during the all-phase pedestrian crossing during rush hour. This forces peds who want to cross S. Frontage to weave in-between cars, hoping that when the traffic on S. Frontage suddenly starts moving the cars in the intersection will not squash them. I have seen numerous close calls where the driver blocking the intersection/crosswalk starts to drive (during the ped crossing phase) headless of pedestrians trying to cross.

    Can we get some traffic enforcement in this area? There is a usually a cop not 30 feet away who makes sure cars can safely exit the parking garage onto S. Frontage - where is the same concern about pedestrian safety?

  • 78 Olive Street New Haven, Connecticut - Wooster Square
    The front of the Strouse-Adler building (Olive Street Side) is too dark at night. It does not feel safe at all. Additional lighting can make this sidewalk much safer for area residents.
  • 79 Court St New Haven, CT 06511 - Downtown
    The Court St bridge over the railroad tracks has no streetlights, and is very dark and can be treacherous, especially in winter when the road surface and sidewalks ice up. Maybe a light could be affixed to the bridge?
  • 73 Elm St New Haven, CT 06510 - Town_Green

    This is a dangerous traffic situation for pedestrians.

    Pedestrians on the south side of Elm heading towards Church come into conflict with drivers exiting the garage, which do not come to a complete stop or look to the right before driving away.

    A high ranking member of the City of New Haven staff was observed texting while driving (exiting the garage) here at approximately 7:35PM last night - happy to provide more details if wanted. He was completely oblivious to a pedestrian who was trying to establish eye contact in order to safely cross the curb cut.

    A raised sidewalk, narrowed exit (using bumped-out curbs) and system of speed bumps, as well as improved signage, would help here.

  • State Street (From Union Station To Bradley Street) New Haven, Connecticut - Downtown

    My bike commute from Upper State to the train station is a bit rough in the morning.

    It's pretty nerve-wracking to ride next to cars that are exiting/entering I-91. I'm worried that without being as defensive a rider as possible, I'm continually at risk.

    I would love to see a separated bike lane down this street easily connecting East Rock to Union Station. I know it's difficult because state DOT is a pain in the butt on these issues, but it would mean so much to me!!

    I think it would also add the following (please excuse the 'rant' format!):
    1) It would make less 'gung-ho' riders more open to ride this route and not drive long distances where a train were an option.
    2) There's plenty of physical land with the median to maintain 4 lanes of traffic, plus add two full bike lanes.
    3) Consolidating bike lanes together on the downtown side has the capability of creating a hospitable plaza area and thus make the businesses on that side of state more attractive to customers (plus more active street life = better place to bike/live/be).
    4) I feel like the land on the train tracks side has so much more potential than surface parking.

    I will try to add some images of what I'm thinking later.

    Bottom line:
    How do I set this project in motion? Thanks!!